10 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

10 ways to save money at the supermarketI emphasize this because I like to save.

I hate paying more in one thing and then find it more economical elsewhere.

Whenever I can, I change my store to tell if in fact there are supermarkets where you savemore.

And yes there are some, depending on your need you can save.

What can we do to save beyond the store we visited?

1. Plan the menu of the week: This way you will know that your family likes, you should repeat your purchase and what you need.

2. Check your fridge: You bought mayonnaise again? That always happens, I always repeat for not plan things ahead. It is best to check and take note of what you have and need.

3. Use the web: Go to your grocery’s page on the internet and print the coupons that they offer. Your local newspaper is a good choice. I’ll start looking for coupons for the things that I like so that I can recommend them to you.

4. Check: Check the small areas where they (supermarket) put the products that are not as popular and have discounts. Get things with discounts and good quality.

5. Compare different stores: If you have a chance check prices at different stores. If you find a store that usually has the cheapest products, continue shopping at the store, do not be ashamed!

6. Are you hungry? Well, then it is not time to go to the supermarket. Eat first and then buy. Do not buy food when you’re tired, you will buy more sugars, more carbohydrates, when you are angry the trend is to buy junk food. That also is saving!

7. Look for the “tripleplays” which is when the manufacturer or distributor offers discounts and then the store gives you their own discount coupons.

8. If we really want to save: Cooking must be done the traditional way, with our pots and our recipes, so buy fresh!

9. Have a cookbook at hand: So you know what ingredients to buy at the supermarket.

10. Save space and be more “green”: Bring your own cloth bags and make your purchase with a smile on your face, because this way you will not have more bags and save time to fill out the trash more often.


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