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Does Bach Flower Remedies Actually Work?

Let me explain something to you . I think the flowers are very good. Yes a lot of people says they have the placebo effect, but the Placebo Effect itself has been observed in patients who don’t have brain function in the areas we associate with placeboes. Also, doctors know better than anybody that human


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BENEFICIOS AL MEDITAR: Entrevista al actor Paulo Quevedo

Quize dejarles para el fin de semana un post diferente. Como lifestyle expert a veces me pierdo en el corre corre del día,hablando de dietas,detox, y casa verde. Y me pregunto, Qué pasa con nuestra casa de adentro? Es decir nuestro YO superior que lo tenemos tan abandonado. He encontrado mil beneficios en meditar,pero todavía


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Environmental Illness In Your Home

Researchers found that the quality of air inside U.S. homes may be worse than outdoor air. What could be causing this problem? To begin, we are using more and more products, appliances and accessories in our homes that cause a variety of allergic reactions. In addition, new homes are being built and remodeled tighter to


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Five facts about Sun Exposure:

It’s summer time and we know it’s time to take care of yourself. Your skin , your hair , your eyes, all your body is exposed to ultra violet rays . Sometimes the products we have over the counter are not what we think. So it’s important to know some facts about sun exposure: 1.


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Is snoring imposible to cure?

Most of the women I know who sleep next to a man complains that her partners snores. A “male” friend also confessed to me that his wife emits sounds during sleep. Snoring is to me unbearable. About 45% of normal adults snore at least occasionally, and 25% are habitual snorers. Snoring is more common disease