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Raviolis de Vegetales y Langostinos con pasta de Tinta de Calamar


Raviolis de Vegetales y Langostinos con pasta de Tinta de Calamar 136 Cal. Aprox. Receta para 1 Pax. Ingredientes: 3 Langostinos, ½ Calabacin, ½ Berenjena, ¼ Pimento Rojo (pimentón), 10gr de Champiñones o setas, ½ Cebolla 1 diente de ajo, 5 ml de aceite de oliva Virgen, 3 laminas de hojas de pasta de arroz,


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Vegetable Ravioli With Shrimp And Squid Ink Pasta

Vegetable Ravioli With Shrimp And Squid Ink Pasta.  Approx 136 Cal. Recipe for 1 Pax. ingredients: 3 Shrimps, ½ zucchini, ½ eggplant, ¼ red pepper (paprika) 10g of mushrooms or mushrooms, ½ Onion 1 clove of garlic, 5 ml of virgin olive oil, 3 sheets of dough sheets of rice, 3 squid ink spaghetti, 1 dash of Soya (Soybean) Kikkoman Japanese 1 dash of honey bees. Salt & Pepper to taste. preparation: Chop into brunoise (diced), all vegetables, sauté all In olive oil, add 1 pinch of salt and 1 pepper and reserve. We spent the dough sheets of rice hot water until soft q,



Dating Yourself

Making the decision to love yourself only takes a conscious choice of dating who you truthfully are. Creating the right intimate relationship with ourselves is the ultimate decision to take. Sometimes our subconscious mind hears old sayings, “you are so dumb”, “you don’t know anything”, “you are so ….”  Let’s recall those words from family,


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Una Cita Contigo Misma

amate a ti misma

Tomar la decisión de amarte a ti misma es solamente cuestión de dedicarte tiempo! La decisión mas grande que podemos  tomar en nuestra vida personal es la de tener una relación intima y verdadera con nuestro ser. Tomarnos el tiempo para amarnos es de suma importancia, ya que necesitamos aprender quien realmente somos. Saber bien


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Hair Exfoliation for Spring

And as we are with the themes of this season I thought that is the perfect time to exfoliate not just your skin but also your head. When you go to the supermarket purchase the ingredients and you can indulge yourself on this weekend. Our scalp also needs to get rid of those dead cells to make way for a renewal.