This is the menu for the 2016 Oscars

This is the menu for the 2016 Oscars


The best celebrations require the best food, and gives us a lot of intrigue about what they will eat actors, directors, writers and producers in a gala night, as is the 2016 Oscars.

So the chef Wolfgang Puck is in charge of to please the palates of the discerning guests to this amazing night. Based on the theme of contemporary Hollywood, the chef has created more than 50 dishes for the menu of the 2016 Oscars post-awards party.

This is the menu for the 2016 Oscars

The smoked salmon disguised as an Oscar will be one of the most requested dishes, foresees Puck. A delicious combination of brioche bread, sour cream, scallions, dill, caviar and smoked salmon.

Dishes such as macaroni and cheese, ribs with polenta with truffles and lobster are some of which will be tasted that day. They also include delicacies like crab (crab) Alaska, vegetables, sashimi and more.

This year also have inspired the nominated films, including The Martian dishes, because they include an orchard on the menu.

And if this seems delicious, wait until you hear the desserts….

A huge buffet of chocolate awaits the guests to fill their elegant dresses. Also they have sources of chocolates, tiramisu, macarroons, chocolates, champagne bars and showers.

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