Do you suffer from inflammation in the belly? This awkward situation can be avoided if we have a lifestyle more active and healthy. Avoid these 5 habits!

Eat too fast

Eat in moderation and slowly chew food you eat. Eating fast makes unnecessary swallow air and therefore you inflate.

You go to bed with a full stomach

This is the big mistake of most people, because eating before bedtime cause heaviness in the body, hinders digestion and can cause constipation. Always eat 3 hours before bedtime, and remember eat light, fat-free or sugar foods.

You love the processed food

Do not eat it in large quantities! These foods are rich in sodium no benefit rather than excessive fluid retention in your body. This is another reason why inflammation occurs in the womb. Opt for natural and homemade food. Come and preferably organic fruits vegetables and have a healthier lifestyle.

You love carbonated drinks

They are your worst enemies when it comes swollen belly. The gas causes instant inflammation and sugar and artificial sweeteners contribute to bloating.

To have a flat stomach is important to follow a much healthier diet, you avoid completely these 4 habits and take lots of water. It is also important to have an active, organic and more conscious life.