6 Tips to keep your diet at the airport



In holiday season trips are common to enjoy and reconnect with family. Whatever the reason for which you're traveling, you should consider your eating habits and plan your trip so you don't gain extra pounds during that period.

It all starts at the airport where the temptations are joined with boredom while waiting for your plane and the first thing you should do is run away from the food fair. You don't want to eat a greasy fried chicken! You'll be starting your diet badly and throwing away your good eating habits. But be calm, there are ways to avoid getting hungry at the airport, you just need a little planning.

How can you choose the healthier option? I'll give you six tips for you to go prepared and know how to eat healthy at any airport in the world.

6 Tips to keep your diet at the airport

1. Fruits should be your first choice

Fresh fruit or unsweetened fruit salads are the first option you should consider eating at an airport. Fruits provide many vitamins and nutrients to keep you energized, well hydrated (which is very important when you're traveling)

2. Check the ingredients of what you are eating

What appears to be a salad, has a lot of mayonnaise (which is nothing light) and sandwiches hide in their breads or bacon fatty sauces. Try to find places where they prepare the sandwich to your preference. Go through the choice of vegetables without sauces.

3. A la carte Menu

If there is a restaurant with a letter at the airport you go, take advantage. Ask for grilled food or salad with the dressing on the side.

4. Go prepared with healthy goodies

You can bring in your hand bag walnuts, almonds, peanuts etc … You could also opt for granola and corn flakes without sugar. Always check the ingredients if they are commercially available. A portion of mixed fruit (about 28 grams) has only 130 calories.

5. If you're hungry, drink water

If you're really hungry and you get nothing healthy to eat can choose to appease your hunger with many glasses of water, or by a large coffee with skim milk. Coffee removes hunger for a while.

6. Go prepared

You can put in your purse and handbag servings of nuts, fresh fruits, celery and carrot (vacuum packed). Almost all the world's airports allow you to take this in hand. They even recommend taking an empty pot of water for you to fill in the filters inside the airport (and can save money).

Keep your diet safe, plan, follow your healthy eating habits and you'll see how you come back without any extra pounds.

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