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Kale caesar salad with pasta to enjoy


Give a twist to your salads with this delicious kale caesar salad with pasta.  The kale has excellent properties and a unique flavor, accompanied with cold whole wheat pasta will be an excellent dish to enjoy lunch. This kale ceaser salad recipe is very easy to prepare and it is best that contains less than


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Cucumber Sangria to enjoy your weekend

cucumber sangria

  Let’s prepare a delicious and refreshing drink to share! Cucumber Sangria to enjoy your weekend Ingredients A 750 ml bottle of cold Sauvignon Blanc 1 sliced cucumber 2 small sliced lemons 2 cups of fresh green grapes cut in half ½ cup of smashed mint leaves 1 cup of cold white grape juice Carbonated water Honey


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This summer try some delicious vegan ice cream

ice cream

Summer means many things … but the most important and remarkable is the heat that gets to do during this season. High temperatures are crippling many times, and there is nothing that causes more than excitment things. Who are the kings of summer? THE ICE CREAMS You can make ice cream at home with simple


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Natural antibacterial hand sanitizer recipe

hand sanitazer

  Taking care of our health is important, but this is something that gets a bit complicated sometimes, specially when you’re out on the streets all the time or doing activities that don’t give you much time to properly wash your hands with soap and water. It’s true that hand sanitizer shouldn’t replace hand washing,


Green Thursday, Move, Muevete

Aquabase is the trendiest exercise right now!


Have you heard about Aquabase? This new and trendiest exercise is a fun way to exercise and has been mentioned as a novelty. As its name implies, Aquabase is an exercise that is done on a base in water and is proposed as the most innovative of the 2016 exercise. This new dynamic is a