Bold colors to look great this spring



One of the options that Spring brings, is the solid colors and structured and minimal shape one, Very flattering and are very practical when combining pieces.

For example simple shaped dresses in solid colors can be combined with contrasting color jackets and be used at day or at night with just a change of accessories.

bold colors for spring

A citrus colored dress with great personality can be used with a pair of platform sandals for a cocktail event, with flat sandals for the Resort during the day and, if you go to a more romantic dinner you can use it with a sexy pair of pumps in a vibrant color.

If you want to add some fun and complement the set you can also use large graphics bracelets and a leather briefcase on a color that complements, but always following the bright citrus tones, if the case is slightly more formal look without sacrificing style, you can put a little color using a black clutch or shoes in more pastel color.

Also you can add a more refreshing and playful touch using these colors on fingernails or lips without being too over the top. The recommended colors are tile, turquoise and hot pink for nails fuchsia for lip.

The idea is to play with citric colors, fresh and natural fabrics like silk and cotton, and the right accessories to complement pieces.

A good leather jacket in with is timeless and for the nights that are still cold and breezy are perfect and it adds a modern and sophisticated statement.

To have a versatile wardrobe you just have to have a few pieces of very good quality and that are basic to combine, such as great shoes handbags and a good jacket, also if you can, invest in a silk dress of excellent manufacture and cut, is a piece that can be worn on different occasions and combine it with many different accessories.

In the collage I made to illustrate the trends, you can find pieces of different brands, with a wide range in prices, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money but have bold enough pieces to interchange.

If you follow these tips you will be the most fun and attractive at the event!

This entry is a collaboration of:

Begonia López.

Graphic Designer, Motion Graphic Art Director, Photographer and Fashionista!

Studied Graphic Design in Valencia, Venezuela and Buenos Aires, Argentina, Photography, Script Writing and Film Critique in Buenos AIres, Argentina. Worked in Buenos Aires, Houston, Miami and NYC.

One of her first tantrums, aged 5, was about wearing a flower dress or an velvet longer dress with patent leather boots, she wanted the boot combination, her mom, the flower dress…


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