This little trick will make you look much younger and sexy! Brighten your lips and make your teeth look much whiter with these simple steps and tips.

Taking care of your skin is something you should consider in your regular ruin: creams to moisturize, cleanse soaps, scrubs and more. Your lips are no strangers to such care!

The lips also exfoliate and sun care. You must constantly drink water to keep them hydrated. You know, typical care that you should take into account.

But the trick I want to show today is about your decisions when choosing lip to accentuate its luster, and make you look much younger… But how? What we will try to make the effort to make your teeth look whiter, and therefore your smile and lips will look incredibly beautiful.

Choose lipsticks with a tendency to yellow or orange colors can accentuate the natural color of teeth, and make them look more yellow. And that’s not what we want! Grab paper and write down these tricks:

  • Uses a pink strawberry, you’ll shine and freshness to your lips without accentuating the yellowing of your teeth.
  • If you like strong colors, do not use red, uses instead a plum color or red with a tendency to purple. This will contrast with your facial features and highlight the whiteness of your teeth.
  • Dare to different colors! The colors of blue hues are being used a lot and they are great to brighten your smile. We just need to have attitude to combine these colors.