Detox your body with these 5 fruit infusions

fruit infusions

I love fruit infusions and this is no secret to anybody. Detox smoothies keep our bodies working actively, impeccably and toxin free.

Enjoy these 5 fruit detox infusions:

  1. Orange, blueberries, and lemon: In a glass of natural tempered water add the fruits and let it rest for 3 hours. The longer the fruits are in the water the more flavor it will have.
  2. Strawberry, cucumber and mint: a refreshing infusion full antioxidants and taste. This is perfect to drink in those hot afternoons. To prepare it, put the ingredients cut into small pieces for three hours in a natural tempered water. Enjoy it cold.
  3. Kiwi, strawberry and mint: a variation of the previous recipe, but this one adds all benefits kiwi has.
  4. Cucumber, lemon and mint: one of my favorite ones, full of freshness and with a flavor of nature. This infusion is completely refreshing.
  5. Grapefruit, orange and rosemary: If you are into citrus, these mixed flavors will make your fruit infusion absolutely tasteful. This detox fruit water is full of Vitamin C.

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