Disco Yoga classes, the new trend



If you always thought of yoga classes as those silent and quiet classes, where you almost get asleep “meditating”, or where you only hear the breathing of the people around you… You're wrong! There is a yoga where everyone can enjoy the music that you will relax, and is called Disco Yoga.

These classes are also an excellent way to achieve the introspective isolation is needed to focus on the depth of our being, and connect with our center. Sometimes yoga classes are interrupted by external sounds such as traffic, noise outside the room, people talking, etc. This would be an easier way to achieve the concentration in their movements and breathing.

Yoga Disco classes, the new trend

How does it work? In these classes is given to each participant a wireless headset which can listen to the instructions of the instructor, as well as music mixed by a live DJ. Headphones isolate noise and block environmental distractions. The connection is achieved with the instructor is amazing because you feel that you are only talking to you.

Routines at the time of class can range from yoga classes with common positions, to aerobatic and/or therapeutic yoga. It is incredibly beneficial for the concentration of each participant!

What do you think about it? Will you try it? I surely will!

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