Do you believe in the evil eye?

Watching eyes, Istanbul, Turkey Watching eyes, Istanbul, Turkey

Do you believe in the evil eyeI share with you a video chat that we share with Frances Fox, also a few tricks to keep the good energy in your home.  Whether you believe in the evil eye or not, I think you'll enjoy this video.

What causes energy weaken: Exhaustion, lack of faith, depression, tantrums, excessive of electromagnetic radiation, lack of contact with nature, a life that depresses, stay in a marriage or lifestyle that depresses, childhood traumas, high level of anxiety or fear, live or have lived where the environment is unprotected by trauma. More than evil eye, our energy weakens due to certain factors we need to consider.

Fruits for the good energies:

Coconut: purifies your astral body and the astral bodies of the spirits. Coconut uses aromatherapy, to scare spirits, negative energies and to add the vibration of joy in your aura and your home. This aromatherapy is also a natural aphrodisiac.

We recommend using this product (coconut cream, air freshener) more often in haunted homes affected by bankruptcy or foreclosure.

Do you believe in the evil eye?


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