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Back to school means in a certain way “to start” a new cycle: changes of buildings, flannels, materials, classes. I propose you today that we start this back to school cleaning your room, to start fresh and donate what you don't use.

My parents always told me that he who gives, receives, and that is why when you clean your room – I encourage you to donate old things in good condition – because it can bring many benefits: more space to let the new in (energy and school supplies)

What can you draw from the closet? What can you donate?

  • Clothes that no longer fit your children in good condition
  • Old books that your children no longer use
  • Toys: children grow and their interests change.

What to do with what you no longer use?

There are always people in need who will appreciate everything that you no longer use and is in good condition. Ask yourself if what you have in your hands is something that you would use or if you need it, if not, put it in a box to donate.

Where to take the things to donate?

  • Collection or to donate centers
  • Ask the pastor or priest of your community if they receive donations.
  • Go to any college or school that do social work.

All the help you give will be well received by those who need it most. Giving is receiving!

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