This is what dye makes to your hair



With the exotic hair colors fashion, more and more people go to beauty salons to dye their hair.

Whether reflexes, color at the tips, or completely change the look, hair dye hair affects our health.

Do you know what dye makes to your scalp?

Hair dyes have ammonia, which literally lifts the enzymes of hair cuticle. The same has a pair of protective barriers scalp protecting the strands of hair from any external agent.

To fix the color, ammonia breaks those barriers. This chemical product raises the pH of the hair which breaks our scalp and thereof the protective cuticle.

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Going back to your initial natural color will be virtually impossible, because the dyes have peroxide which completely destroys the pigmentation of your hair. If your hair is dark, they have to discolor it, breaking with the natural pigment of the hair. And this is as bad as it sounds.

If you feel your hair dry and brittle after applying the hair dye, it's because the peroxide breaks your hair and permeates it.

It is estimated that at least 4 people in 100 suffer allergic reactions to hair dyes, so you have to be very careful.

I think it's time to start going for a more natural and organic look, what do you think?

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