Is it OK to exercise after eating?

after eating


One of the most common myths of exercise … Exercise after eating is bad? The answer is simple, keep reading to find out!

The true about this myth is… It all depends on many factors!

Some people believe that eating before exercise will give them enough training to support energy … Others say exercising just after eating gives nausea. What do you think?

For many, exercise on a full stomach may be the factor that triggers hiccups, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and reflux. Eating foods before exercise is not ideal because your body is in a digestive process that needs rest.

Still, there are those who take a soft food and exercise. It would be appropriate to wait at least one hour before training, allowing the stomach to empty at the time of exercise.

Ideally eat after exercise to help with the recovery of the body and reduce muscle damage. What to eat? That depends on your diet and your goals. If you want to have an idea you can read more about what you should eat after exercise.

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