If there is one word that children love, and terrify mothers, that is VACATIONS. That moment of “rest” where children want to enjoy the night, playing, reading, watching television or using the computer, which for a mom means one thing: The routine is over and comes the uproar.

Summer means a time of creativity, exploration and adventure with the kids. And although family is fun, involves the complete dissolution of the standards bedtime… No? That’s what happens in most homes, and moms should be read’m nodding. What a stress!

That’s why today I want to leave you 3 tips to keep your sleep routine children, so that you can keep your good habit, and overall good health.

Because the night sleep is absolutely vital to recover the energies spent during school time!

The most important thing to achieve these tips is to make a schedule of activities to keep your children busy in the day and tired at night.

Whether you are camping, private lessons, or just doing family activities, it is important to have other occupations outside their “fun activities” involving hours in front of a screen.

3 Tips to keep your children’s sleep routine

Rituals are the spice of routine

I always recommend drinking a tea before bedtime to sleep. And this is not just for adults, children also generates many benefits take tea at bedtime, and create a nightly routine. Whether reading a book, a story and accompanied by a rich herbal tea.

The bedroom should be a place of relaxation

Keep the room cool, turn off the lights or stop a blue light to not disrupt sleep, uses essential oils to raise the tranquility of the room. It works much lavender, patchouli or a mixture of chamomile.

Help yourself with herbs for sleeping

Don’t be afraid to natural herbs that help to sleep. There are many holistic ways, either in tea or tablets to evoke relaxation and calm.