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Laura Términi.

Actriz, locutora y empresaria ha estado en los medios desde temprana edad. Como actriz su trayectoria suma mas de 20 telenovelas y obras de teatro. Personalidad Radial y productora . Voz de un sin numero de comerciales de TV y Radio en Estados Unidos. Voz en español de la campaña Presidencial del Presidente Obama en el 2008. Dos Películas con el Rol principal en el 2009. Laura Termini es una artista integral y en esta nueva etapa que asume como creadora de Natural ,Orgánica y Latina nos brindara toda su experiencia en el mejoramiento de la vida de la mujer latina. Con un estilo muy propio logra que la audiencia se sienta identificada con sus consejos, vivencias , entrevistas y forma de ver la vida.

Actress, broadcaster and businesswoman, participating in the media from an early age. She has been featured in 20 soap operas and plays. Radio Celebrity and Producer. Her voice resounds in countless TV and Radio commercials in the US. Spanish language voice in President Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign.

Laura Términi is a well-rounded artist and in this stage as the creator of the Multi Platform Natural, Orgánica y Latina @lauratermini she shares her experience with regard to improving the lifestyle of Latin women. With her singular style, the audience and readers feel identified with her tips, experiences, interviews and outlook on life.

Laura Términi: Certified Holistic Nutritionist. Institute for Integrative Nutrition,NY.

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To reach me please send me an email to As always I’m open to Local, National and International events! . I works closely with you to create content that appeals to a varied demographic of women.

I’m frequently invited to represent family-oriented products and services.

My ability to integrate sustainable, natural and accessible lifestyle practices, into a corporation’s core beliefs, make me a unique spokesperson. I work with the client to create dynamic segments for both the Internet and National Broadcast TV shows, events, conferences and more.

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