I love Kale , but let’s be honest. Even thought I’m a chicanol (natural organic and latina girl) you can’t push a vegetable, like kale,  with everything that comes around.

Trust me , it was so funny to read what people are saying about the most bizarre food kale combinations that you are going to love this post.

Some of my favorite tweets are:

kale hate

Kale salad? Yeah! Kale cookies? Nop!

kale ruins everything

Now this is a bit too tragic… it´s practically cabbage!

kale cake

Kale on cake sound like a good name for a punk band, but as a dessert…

kale shake

As I said before I love me some vegetables but… some of this combinations are definitely not my cup of (kale infused) tea.

What are the worst food combinations  you´ve tried?

What are the most bizarre food combinations that you´ve tried AND liked?

Let me know in the comments below!

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