A great pumpkin cocktail for this halloween

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It's not too early to start thinking about Halloween parties — forget the costumes, let's talk about the drinks! Specially of a delicious pumpkin cocktail!

Pumpkin—a must have at any fall party—and homemade cinnamon-infused rum are perfect partners for this fall-inspired punch.

A great pumpkin cocktail for this halloween

Pumpkin cocktail or punch is a cinch to make, but if you have time, it's worth it to infuse your rum using a few cinnamon sticks. Just let the cinnamon sticks soak in the rum for a few days then strain them out. It takes very little effort but makes a big difference in this drink (an extra spiced rum can be used for all sorts of warm, fall cocktails).

I used a can of pumpkin purée—make sure to get the plain pumpkin purée without any additional spices or sweetener—with sweetened condensed milk to bring just the right amount of sweet creaminess to the pumpkin. Once all the ingredients are thoroughly combined in the punch bowl, a quick zest of freshly grated nutmeg over the top adds a warm, spicy flavor and scent. To make sure your punch stays cold, make a big block of ice in a Tupperware container or a cake pan. (Or make jumbo ice cubes)

Author: Kelly Carámbula

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