Ritual to celebrate the Christmas Spirit



The first time I heard of this day, I was very little. I was in my beloved Venezuela and there, the vast majority of people celebrate … whatever comes. That is, any occasion is good to celebrate, and for us today is a special day.

In this blog we always talk about detox, and today is a day to detoxify our home and our soul. Today marks the day of winter solstice, the shortest day and the longest night in New Moon. But without getting into pure astrology, I can tell you that the simple fact of meeting with family or friends to celebrate, make me put into perspective all the plans I have for the coming year.

So I share with you this ritual and I wish I can do at home or at someone's house you want.


  • Tangerines
  • Paper sheets to ask your requests
  • Cloves
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Orange colored candles
  • Essence of tangerine or orange

It's very easy to do:

We will make two separate lists on two sheets of paper:

  1. The first is a list of things we want to leave behind. Feelings, people, situations.
  2. In the second paper, our desires in order of priority (recommend you ask for peace first, secondly by the country itself, third by family and friends and in fourth place for ourselves). It's convenient to write the wishlist independent rows and only one side of the sheet.
  3. We light candles and burn the paper we don't want
  4. We take the tangerines and stick cloves with our 7 main wishes, and bathe tangerine honey and cinnamon.
  5. We pray the prayer up

This is the prayer:

“God almighty creator of the whole universe and infinity. I come to you this day, night (as appropriate), to perform the ritual petitions and all that surrounds us your abundance. I beg or ask for balance in the universe. I pray for the health of the planet. I pray for world peace. I pray for that not to the world's people lack food. I pray for harmony in the nations. I ask a lot of light for those who lead those nations. I pray for all my friends and people close everyday. I pray for my family peace, love, health and prosperity. I pray for me, that give me inner peace, tolerance attitude to learn from mistakes, to understand my peers and family. I pray for harmony, health and prosperity to continue growing as a person”.

I hope you enjoyed it and that love and prosperity come to your house. We continue on this path of being together and here at ChicaNOL you'll always have a friend.


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