4 Secret techniques to be more positive

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Nobody said life was a bed of roses. Day after day we face a world with difficult obstacles, with complicated situations and negative people who absorbs your energy and make you think you are worthless, or you can't get where you propose, for the simple reason that they have not succeeded in antyhing.

Keep in mind one thing: to be happy no money is needed, having the best silhouette of the world or being the most beautiful person in the world, the key to success is to be positive.

4 Secret techniques to be more positive

In order to become more positive in your life, I recommend you follow these 4 secret techniques:

1. Practice sport

Exercising is the best medicine to fight depression, stress and sadness. With just spending half an hour a day, your body and your mind will thank you.

The body secretes a number of hormones called endorphins when we do sport, which stimulate the emotional state of the individual. When a depressed person play sports, endorphins are released by the body, conveying a sense of happiness that fights low mood.

2. Be grateful

Focus on all the good that happens to you and you have. If necessary get a paper and a pencil and make a list of all the positive things around you. By doing this exercise, this will help you think about how lucky you are and how lucky you are. What will take you to be more grateful and appreciate the people around you and to realize that not everything is black or white, there are other colors and options.

3. Enjoy from the experience, not materials

Did you know that money can't buy happiness? It is true that it help us to get a better, more comfortable life, but not to be the happiest in the universe. You can have a lot of money and not having anyone to share it with, for example.

Instead, something very comforting are the experiences. A scientific study shows that 75% of people feel better when they spend their money on trips, courses, classes or any experience that will attract or motivate, rather than spend it on something material.

Also many of these activities are free and very comforting because new people meet and breaks with preset, stimulating the brain to surprises and exploring new things.

4. Do everything that you set your mind at the time

If there's something you have to do, do it at the time, why I do it tomorrow? That will produce stress and tension, knowing that you have something pending and weight.

Make a list of all tasks to be done a week and sees striking out one by one that you are running. This strategy never fails and will make you feel better.

Edith Gómez

Twitter: @edigomben

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