You can skip diet every once in a while



Christmas food is the best and worst temptation of the world. The best because it is exquisite, and every bite that makes you quit the diet makes it worthwhile, and the worst is that it is everywhere tempting you with its aromas and flavors… which makes it really addictive. The trick is giving gusticos controlled balanced manner.

Are you saying that I can get out of my diet? Yes!!! Occasionally we have to give ourselves permission to get out of the diet and make a meal “trap” or “cheat meal” as it is commonly known. Depending on your diet plan you can have one day a week as a day “trap” where you can eat a meal that you could possibly want.

You can skip diet every once in a while

Do you want to give yourself a good treat this Christmas? Do it without remorse because life is one, and your body will thank you.Having a cheat day is good for your health! And here I explain why occasionally you get out of the diet

1. It's a release for your body

You're rewarding for all the work done during the week, so you prove that every effort is rewarded and that work to give these gusticos.

2.You'll be burning more fat

It has been scientifically proven that the flaws in the diet are positive because you are fueling your metabolism and digestive system after constatemente habits digest foods low in fat and calories.

3. It helps you avoid temptation

Obviously you will need your strength of will (as always) but if you rewards casually, cravings lose those foods we prohibidísimos your diet tells you that you shouldn't eat.

So, now you know… Give yourself a treat this christmas! Eat what you want because you and your trap causes day. After that go back to your normal routine, do a detox, and get on with your regular exercise. Like nothing happened!

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