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Apple vinegar is multipurpose

apple vinegar

Some people know it as an ingredient to dress our salads, but apple vinegar has recently gained popularity for its properties. It eases health problems and makes you lose weight. This is why I have taken the responsibility to inform you some of the benefits that this vinegar has if we add it to our  diets.


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10 side effects of birth control pills you must know

birth control pills

If you are taking birth control pills, either because they were prescribed to deal with polycystic ovary syndrome, or you just want to avoid getting pregnant. It is important to know what are the side effects those pills have on our body. Birth control pills have micro-dose of hormones that make changes in our bodies,


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10 efectos secundarios de las pastillas anticonceptivas que debes conocer

pastillas anticonceptivas

Si estás tomando pastillas anticonceptivas, ya sea porque te lo recetó el ginecólogo para tratar los ovarios poliquísticos, o porque estés protegiéndote de un embarazo no deseado, es importante saber cuáles son los efectos secundarios que tienen las pastillas anticonceptivas en nuestro organismo. Las pastillas anticonceptivas tienen micro-dosis de hormonas que van haciendo cambios en


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6 Natural remedies to get rid of acne


Oh my God! What’s this huge volcano right on my forehead?! Just when it seemed like something you beat and forgot about during those teenage years, well, it came back, there are many factors associated to having those horrible pimples on our skin and this is why today I want to give you some great


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Instant Oatmeal acne mask you need to try


Why me, why me why me?! Why do all these terrible pimples got to be all over my face?! I’ve heard that a couple times from some friends. No body like them, specially when you’re stressed out and it seems like there’s nothing you can do to prevent them to come out of your face.