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Remedios Naturales Para Cortaduras Con La Afeitadora

¿Alguna vez te has cortado al afeitarte? Duele, ¿verdad? Y puede empeorar si no se trata adecuadamente.

Aquí están algunos remedios naturales para cualquier recorte tú puedes haber hecho accidentalmente mientras se afeita.

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When it comes to body hair, do you Shave or Wax?

shaving vs waxing - afeitarse vs - depilarse con cera


Hair grows back slower, finer, and sparser.

  • Removes the hair by the root and over time weakens the hair bulb, therefore Hair growth weakens and it takes longer to grow back.
  • Quick and Easy
  • Cheaper
  • It’s painful
  • Shaving:

    • Have to do it more often
    • Hair becomes darker and thicker
    • If you are prone to ingrown hairs, then shaving or waxing will result in having them. You are less likely to get ingrown hair from waxing, as every time you wax you are removing dead skin (resulting in faster skin cell turn over) so the hair is less inclined to get trapped underneath the skin surface. To minimize the risk, try using a body scrub before you shave or wax as well as a lotion afterwards.
    • After repeated shaving the hair becomes harder and darker like a man’s’ beard.
    • Shaving may cause a shadow, even the same day and course textured hair after just a couple of days.
    • Waxing leaves hair softer and lighter. After long-term waxing, the hair growth slows down and is reduced.
    • Hair grows in cycles: growing, resting and shedding. When you first start waxing, it will last about two weeks. But if you continue to wax every two weeks and get the hair in the same cycles, it will be gone for up to six weeks. This isn’t the case for everyone, as some people just have faster growing hair than others.
    • You need some hair growth for the wax to hold onto, but not too long which can make the waxing hurt more than it needs to.(Particularly the bikini area) Your beauty therapist may trim hair down to just the right length at your appointment.

    Depilarse con cera o afeitarse?

    Cuando se trata del vello corporal, te afeitas o depilas con cera?

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