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3 Beauty masks to prepare for mom on her day


Mother’s Day is getting closer, and what better gift than preparing something natural and homemade to mom. This is a way to indulge without spending much money, and creating a time for sharing. So hands to work with these beauty masks! Homemade beauty masks are perfect for effectively solve problems like clogged pores, preventing wrinkles,


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Natural formula for neck sagging

neck sagging

Neck sagging comes and no one can stop it. As years come and although we don’t want it … it will come. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can also accelerate it. The particular shape of the bone structure of the jaw, also influences have substantially jowls or sagging. Natural formula for neck sagging Ingredients: Honey and


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Carrots benefits for your hair that you won’t believe!


If you want to have shiny, lively and much healthier hair, you can use an economical, versatile and easy to use ingredient… I’m talking about the carrot! One of our favorite allies in our meals. #DidYouKnow that carrots are rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene, which enhances their benefits in our hair, skin and body


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3 Natural remedies to stop hair loss

caida de cabello

If you are suffering from hair loss, whether it’s due to lack of vitamins, for its weight or because you have it weak, you can try these natural remedies to prevent and stop hair loss once and for all. I want to point out that it is important and key to have a natural and


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Turn your favorite lipstick in a matte lipstick


¡Matte lipstick is completely in right now! And not just because Kylie Jenner use it at all times when we see her, but because it truly highlights the best of our lips in color that we like and left for any skin type, shape and style. I love this trend! There are many existing brands