Moisturize your skin with this pumpkin face mask


Pumpkins have wonderful effects on our skin for their amazing nutrients and enzymes that get rid of dry and dead cells. If you want to hydrate your skin and give it a refreshing look, try this pumpkin face mask.

A lot has been said about the peeling effects that pumpkin have, its moisturizing and exfoliating nutrients that add a healthy glow to our skin, making it look younger by the amount of renewed cells.

Moisturize your skin with this pumpkin face mask

To make this pumpkin face mask you will need:

  • 4 tablespoons of pumpkin pulp (raw or cooked)
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil
  • ½ cup of milk


Mix everything in a blender until you get a smooth paste.


  • You can place it on the face or body anywhere you want.
  • If you apply it on your skin, spread it well and let stand for 15 minutes.
  • Remove it completely with a little warm water and a soft towel.

If you apply it at least 4 times a week, your skin will feel the change shortly.

Try this pumpkin face mask and tell me if you see any changes in your skin. Leave me a comment or visit me on facebook!


Cómo secar la pintura de uñas rápidamente

nail polish

Hay muchas pinturas de uñas en el mercado que ya tienen un secador como primer. A mi me gustan las que tienen menos químicos y a veces tardan un poco para secar. Sea cual sea la que usas, Te quiero dar unos tips fáciles de seguir para secarlas .

Me choca esperar media hora en el salón o utilizar las luces ultravioletas que pienso pueden manchar mi piel .

  • El primer método implica hielo y mientras que no es completamente cómodo, es completamente eficaz. Sólo tienes que llenar un recipiente con agua fría y luego añadir unos cubitos de hielo. Tan pronto como hayas pintado las uñas, sumergelas en el agua con hielo y mantenenlos allí durante tres minutos.
  • El limpiador de polvo de aire que utilizas para limpiar los electrónicos también es eficaz, pero debes  estar segura de mantener la lata lejos, muy lejos de tus manos a causa del frío extremo. Ten cuidado si estás planeando utilizar este método.
  • Por cierto, también puedes simplemente meter las manos en el congelador durante un par de minutos, aunque esto podría desperdiciar un poco de energía ya que tienes que dejar la puerta abierta mientras lo estés haciendo.
  • Puedes usar tu secador de pelo a temperatura baja para secar las uñas rápidamente también. Recuerda que debes utilizar el valor más bajo posible para que no se dañe el esmalte.
  • Por último, el spray para cocinar es un gran método. Sólo tienes que asegurarte  que no estás utilizando un aerosol con sabor a mantequilla. El aceite en aerosol regular es mejor y sólo rocia las uñas con el. El aceite también ayuda a acondicionar las cutículas.


This is the secret to have a deeper look

deeper look


Define your look and give it depth with this professional technique that you can do at home. Who wouldn’t like t o have the secret of a deeper look?

You might have heard of the recent technique called “cut crease”. Lots of bloggers and vloggers have managed to promote this new trend, which has been used by artist such as Kim K and Adele. Their looks astonish us! If you want to apply depth to your eyes, don’t miss this article.

What about the cut crease trend? It is a well defined line in the eye socket, to give it “natural” depth and make it look much more intense.

Do you want a deeper look? Follow:

·         Use a primer to make the shade attach strongly and better to your eyelid skin.

·         Put makeup the eyelid in a similar tone as your skin’s to create uniformity.

·         Use a darker tone (brown or beige) with a thin brush to define your eye socket with a line.

·         With a brush difuminate the line. It is like “contouring” of eyes.

·         You know the line is perfect when you open your eyes and the shade is over the line of the eyelashes.

The best recommendation I can give you regarding this trend is that you make it as simple as possible: use an eyeliner, mascara to enlarge your eyelashes and let the simplicity of this play along.


Natural paste to exfoliate and remove impurities



How I love to talk about exfoliants and all the benefits that carry for our skin! These preparations remove impurities responsible for our skin cell renewal, soften the outer layer of the skin and give brightness and life.

Today I want to tell you a recipe that you can prepare, with ingredients I assure you will have in your pantry and you are free of chemicals. The best thing about this? You have visible results, worthy of an expensive spa for the price of 3 simple ingredients market.

These natural ingredients are great for this scrub, because they act as antiseptics, anti-inflammatory, softening and moisturizing skin.

It works perfect for oily or blemished faces, to soften and give a much healthier face. Applying it 1 time a week is recommended.

Natural paste to exfoliate and remove impurities

Without saying more, here I leave this recipe natural paste to exfoliate and remove impurities


  • 1 tablespoon of nutmeg
  • 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon of organic honey


  1. Choose a clean container to dump the 3 ingredients
  2. Stir until a smooth paste


  1. Clean the area you will exfoliate with soap and plenty of water. I recommend that you apply the paste to the face area, so you must be very careful not to have traces of makeup, or tonics when applying the exfoliant.
  2. Apply the paste-style mask, around the eyes and lips.
  3. Circularly massage the area for a couple of minutes and let the product act for about 20 minutes.
  4. Rinse it off with warm water and dry your face with a soft towel without rubbing.

Try this great natural paste to exfoliate and remove impurities and tell me how it went! Do not forget to share it with your friends!


5 Miraculous oils to have a beautiful and healthy hair



Our hair is one of the body parts we are most careless about, we dye it, put chemicals and everything on it, I feel like someday we'll wake up hairless!

5 Miraculous Oils For Your Hair

5 Miraculous oils to have a beautiful and healthy hair

But don't worry girls, today I'll give you 5 miraculous oils that will have your hair looking beautiful!

  1. Avocado oil contains vitamin A, variety of micro elements and fights with dryness of hair.
  2. Castor oil prevents dandruff, adds shine and softness to hair. Perfectly repairs damaged hair.
  3. Jojoba oil moisturizes and adds shine to hair.
  4. Olive oil helps with split ends and hair loss.
  5. Flax oil cures dry hair, damaged and dyed hair, restores hair structure.

Try them out, I'm sure you'll love how your hair looks after this.