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3 Natural remedies to stop hair loss

caida de cabello

If you are suffering from hair loss, whether it’s due to lack of vitamins, for its weight or because you have it weak, you can try these natural remedies to prevent and stop hair loss once and for all. I want to point out that it is important and key to have a natural and


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Turn your favorite lipstick in a matte lipstick


¡Matte lipstick is completely in right now! And not just because Kylie Jenner use it at all times when we see her, but because it truly highlights the best of our lips in color that we like and left for any skin type, shape and style. I love this trend! There are many existing brands


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What’s the best brush for your hair?

Brush your hair

Gosh! That’s a super-tough question for me. First, because to tell you the truth, I’m not too good at combing my hair.  So I’m always looking for tips, taking classes and sharing here with all of you. Second I don’t want a brush made ​​with any animals sacrifice. Then, getting one I like and  that


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Ideas for your shavers to last longer

Ideas for your shavers to last longer

Let’s be honest … Women who shave  know that the shavers are our friends-enemies when it comes the time to work in our beauty routine. Hair in the most undesired places makes us to spend a lot of time constantly shaving our legs, armpits, and even pubic hair. And we love that smooth and shiny


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Avoid these mistakes that cause hair loss

Avoid these mistakes that cause hairloss

Today crazy hairstyles and dyes are completely in. Curlers, large amounts of hairspray, straightening products, chemicals, and more, are causing hair loss Also read: tips to have voluminous hair naturally To have thick hair, we need some genetic and ultimately extra care with our hair. Has it ever happened to you that when you brush your