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Apple’s seed could prevent cancer


  One of the diseases that we are hearing the most on the last decades is cancer, and even though there are several opinions and theories about it, there has not been a concluding explanation as to how one develops it, the same goes for treatments and therapies that in a very low cases cure


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Your hair dye can cause cancer

hair dye

Have you been unknowingly increasing your cancer risks for the sake of beauty? It depends on what beauty products you use. Some studies show certain beauty products used at salons may be linked to cancer. Hair dyes: cancer risk unclear Hair dye products include close to 5,000 chemicals, including some that might cause cancer. Researchers


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Anti-Aging Berries Smoothie


Did you know that incorporating berries into a healthy lifestyle can help lower cancer risk? Blueberries are one of the leading foods shown to fight aging! Start your day with a healthy dose in this delicious smoothie. A sweet blend of berries, banana and almond milk, it also has a protein boost thanks to ground


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Batido Anti-Envejecimiento de Arándanos


¿Sabías que agregar arándanos a una dieta saludable puede reducir el riesgo de cáncer? Los arándanos son uno de los principales alimentos que se muestran a luchar contra el envejecimiento. Inicia tu día con una dosis de salud con este delicioso smoothie. Una dulce mezcla de arándanos, banana y leche se almendra, también tiene un


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¿Por qué comer brócoli?


Muchas personas aborrecen el brócoli. Quizá la culpa de todo la tengan las madres: por años han obligado a sus pequeños a consumirlo. Lamentablemente, la repulsión hacia este vegetal sólo ha impedido que muchos se beneficien de sus extraordinarias propiedades, esas que se esconden detrás de cada “arbolito”. Todos sabemos que el brócoli tiene minerales