All you need to know about hot yoga

hot yoga


First thing I have to say is that if you start any type of yoga you need to buy a mat that is not toxic. Remember that throughout the class you are breathing very near this.

All you need to know about hot yoga

Each posture treats different digestive, respiratory, circulatory, immune, skeletal, muscular, and nervous body systems.

And now to the topic: The Bikram is a series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises.

In addition to strengthening muscles, ligaments and specific joints, necessary for the following position.

It stimulates the internal organs, glands and nerves pushing oxygenated blood throughout the body and restoring all systems.

The Bikram is practiced in a heated room to warm your muscles and prevent injury (initially this impacts, the room is 40 degrees, but I can assure you that after the first 5 minutes is not much sense).


4 Fruits to lose weight and enjoy their taste

4 Fruits to lose weight and enjoy their taste


Losing weight is a goal that many of us always have, and what better way than enjoying one of the best meals that can be found through nature, and those are the fruits to lose weight!

Today I'll show you which fruits can help you lose weight fast while enjoying a delicious taste.

4 Fruits to lose weight and enjoy their taste


Coconut is rich with medium chain triglycerides (MCFAs) which increase the liver’s rate of metabolism by up to 30 percent, according to some experts. They also help keep you full so you’re less likely to snack on junk food. Coconut oil frequently aids the functioning of the thyroid gland. Coconut oil, coconut milk (not the low fat variety), coconut flour, and shredded (unsweetened) coconut all contain MCFAs.


Excellent liver detoxifiers, lemons also alkalize our body. They may seem acidic based on taste but in the process of being metabolized by the body, they actually alkalize our bodily fluids and tissues. Maintaining the health of the liver is also imperative to the body’s ability to digest and burn fat, since the liver is one of the organs responsible for these functions.


Many studies confirm that grapefruit is an excellent weight loss food. In one study at Johns Hopkins University, women who eat grapefruit daily shed almost 20 pounds on average in only 13 weeks, without changing anything else in their diet or lifestyle.


Packed with vitamin C and the phytochemical lycopene, tomatoes stimulate the production of the amino acid known as carnitine. Research has shown carnitine helps speed the body’s fat-burning capacity by one third.

So now you know, if you want to enjoy a delicious natural delicacy and lose weight, add these fruits to your regular diet and begin to see results.


3 Detox para después de las fiestas



Se acabaron las fiestas de diciembre! Pero te quedo la panza…

Un día de desintoxicación es una oportunidad perfecta para que tu puedas desintoxicar otras partes de su vida a través de escribir un diario, tomar la siesta, practicar yoga o practicar meditación.

Puede ser el momento adecuado para decidir tomar otras decisiones saludables en tu vida, tales como cambiar su dieta y tomar decisiones y cambios en el estilo de relación. Puedes desintoxicarte para el Viernes Negro, o incluso para el fin de semana.

Incluso una dieta de desintoxicación de 24 horas de limpieza puede hacer que te sientas más ligero, más fuerte, más centrado y más fresco, como si sus entrañas han sido recargadas.

3 Detox para después de las fiestas

1. El jugo de limón limpia

Mezcla ocho onzas de agua filtrada, dos cucharadas de jugo de limón recién exprimido, una cucharada de jarabe de arce y una pizca de pimienta de cayena. Beba esta mezcla durante todo el día en constante frecuencia. Bebe mucha agua filtrada también.

2. Cranberry / Wheatgrass Cleanse

Combina ocho onzas de agua filtrada, una onza de jugo de arándano sin azúcar, dos cucharadas de mezcla súper verde, tal como polvo dulce pasto de trigo. Bébelo durante todo el día. Bebe mucha agua filtrada además de esta bebida.

3. Jugo de Fruta Fresca Limpia

Pide prestado un extractor de jugos o ve a una tienda de alimentos de salud y compra zumo recién exprimido. Bebe sólo jugo y agua filtrada por todo el día.


How to detox to lose weight? #Video



It's the next day after the party last night, you know you ate too much and now you not only feel guilty but you also want to fix it and of course you want to lose weight.

Today's our #OrangeFriday on christmas day! And I know that after we eat those meals we end up a little full of weight that we don't want, I want to share this video where I explain how to detox to lose weight.

Check more detox and diets here on my blog. Search for them and enjoy.

Video is in spanish.


¿Cómo Hacer Detox Para Bajar De Peso? #Video



Es el siguiente día después de la fiesta de anoche, sabes que comiste demasiado y ahora no solo te sientes culpable sino que también quieres solucionarlo.

Hoy es nuestro #OrangeFriday on christmas day! Y como yo sé que después de las comidas que nos damos quedamos un poquito llenos de peso que no deseamos, les quiero compartir este video adonde te explico como hacer detox para perder peso.

En mi blog tengo muchos temas de detox y también de dietas, buscalos y elige uno que te convenga.