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Diet to lose weight


Nobody has ever said that going on a diet was easy. First you need to make your mind about it, then get yourself motivated and finally and most important of all self control. Life gets harder every day, more work time, junk food, and less free time. And I believe that whenever we talk about


Orange Friday

10 Reasons why you should continue your diet this year


With the new year we make resolutions thousand purposes and New Year, how to get a better job, have more emotional stability, buy that car of your dreams and of course Dieting! But also continue your diet. January is the month of those whoe start the diet. Now … 95% of people who start dieting


White Wednesday

Exercise + diet = the best combination


If it is to lose weight, maintain or improve our figure, there is no doubt that the best combination is diet and exercise. And it’s as simple as that, neither can be completely alone, or it fails without the other. To lose a few extra pounds without starving yourself and see the results, certainly you


White Wednesday

You can skip diet every once in a while


Christmas food is the best and worst temptation of the world. The best because it is exquisite, and every bite that makes you quit the diet makes it worthwhile, and the worst is that it is everywhere tempting you with its aromas and flavors… which makes it really addictive. The trick is giving gusticos controlled


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Agua Saborizada Con Frutas / Fruit Infused Water


Las infusiones de agua son conocidas por proporcionar grandes beneficios para la belleza, ayudar a la  textura de la piel y apariencia sana, así como la regulación de nuestro nivel de pH, buena salud de los riñones, por proporcionar una buena dosis de vitamina C y apoyar a la lucha contra el cáncer. Estos son