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How to get slim legs and firmer buttocks

firmer buttocks

For many women, exercise doesn’t always benefit them as they would like, some parts of the body grow and others simply burn body fiber instead of fat. Especially when it comes to slim legs and buttocks, so get squats out that sometimes just destroy your back. There is a myth that says you will only get


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Does running on the treadmill really work?


  There are a set of guidelines or tips that must be taken into account when picking a level in the treadmill, both to improve the fitness level, and cardiovascular system and to burn more fat during and after exercise. Does running on the treadmill really work? Make a planning or routine: Make a simple


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Oat, orange and carrot smoothie to cleanse your organism


Monday is here and starting a new week is the ideal time to have a oat, orange and carrot smoothie to cleanse our body. Today I want to talk about oat, a product rich in fiber that you can include in your Detox Monday routine. Oats are a source of protein, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty


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3 exercises that will make you lose weight


One of the most common goals of women for this new year is to lose weight, so today I will give you three infallible exercises that will make you have the figure you’ve always wanted. Remember to join the exercises with diet so that you get better results, you can burn a lot of calories


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What is appetite and how to control it


Appetite (from Lat. Appetitus). Instinctive impulse that leads to satisfying the wants or needs. Appetite is the desire to eat food, felt as hunger. Appetite exists in all higher life forms, and serves to regulate adequate energy intake to maintain matabólicas needs. Is regulated by a close interaction betweenthe digestive tract, adipose tissue and brain. (wikipedia) The definition can say whatever it wants but for me, appetite sometimes is a punishment. I know that from nutritionists’ point of view is a warning from our body is telling us that it needs food.