‘They All Laughed at (Gershwin’s) Christopher Columbus,’ But ‘Shop Laughing’ Show May Have The Last Laugh Now
NEW YORK, May 3 /PRNewswire/ — If the quirky new Shop Laughing© show clicks with web viewers, home shopping may never be the same.
Viewable at, the show features an ordained minister who croons as his playful Latino co-host cavorts in English and Spanish in what has to be the ultimate LOL in home shopping.
He’s the big, jolly round guy, a sort of home shopping Don Quixote, while she’s his petite sidekick who’s a whole lot prettier than Sancho Panza.
Together Dr. John Myers and Latino actress Laura Termini make a delightful duo who have a ball combining shopping and entertainment in a frothy new format that Shop Laughing’s producers liken to “American Idol meets QVC.” Introducing talent is a debonair talent himself, veteran TV anchor JP Hervis.
“I can’t tell you when I’ve had as much fun,” said Myers, who on this week’s premiere show belts out the Gershwin tune “They All Laughed at Christopher Columbus” only changing the lyrics to “They all laughed at a show called Shop Laughing . . . but who has the last laugh now.”
For Termini, his perky Latino sidekick whose face is familiar to Hispanic film and soap opera aficionados, the show breaks new ground by blending entertainment and shopping.
“When I shop I like to have fun,” she said. “And this show not only has fun products, but we have singers, dancers and comedians performing in between selling segments. And they’re all competing for text votes from our audience.”
The show, a production of TransMedia Group Entertainment (, is streamed live at where it looks like a regular TV show only viewers can shop online or call in their order toll free at 877-4LOLLOL.
The show’s producer is Cathy Shallcross assisted by talent and product coordinators Allison McCormick and Colossia Butts. The show is produced at WXEL-TV42, a public television station in South Florida.
According to the show’s creator, Tom Madden, a former VP of Programming at NBC, “Shop Laughing will take home shopping where no man or woman has gone before.”
Madden and his wife Angela are co-founders of TransMedia Group, one of Florida’s largest PR firms. For more information about the show, contact Adrienne Mazzone at 561-750-9800 x210 or Email: