Increase your fertility with these 3 natural foods



Getting pregnant is much more than just luck. There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled in order to favor fertility and increasing by this the change of getting pregnant. There are a never ending effort to become mothers. That’s why I want to share these 3 foods that will naturally increase your fertility.

As I said before, fertility depends on several factos, and some foods can help out and assure a healthier pregnancy.So if you are thinking about having a baby, try eating this:

  • Walnuts and other nuts

Walnuts have been proved to increase ovulation, and therefore the chances of getting pregnant. As they are slowly digested hey help regulate insulin, provides antioxidants and stimulates our immune system. Creating a perfect environment for impregnation.

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  • Fruits and vegetables

The regular intake of fruits and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that eliminate free radicals in our bodies (this one generate hormone disorders); besides, they need to be included in your diet to be healthy. Every time you eat fruit or vegetables you help your body be free from toxins and fit for pregnancy.

The best fruits and vegetables you should eat are: brussels sprouts, apples, carrots, oranges, and cantaloupe. Whichever you choose will perfectly work!

  • Dairy products

Dairy products contain calcium, which is essential for a woman, especially if she wants to become a mother. Strong bones and physical stamina increase feminine fertility. Eat more milk, cheese, and yogurt.


Detox your body with these 5 fruit infusions

fruit infusions

I love fruit infusions and this is no secret to anybody. Detox smoothies keep our bodies working actively, impeccably and toxin free.

Enjoy these 5 fruit detox infusions:

  1. Orange, blueberries, and lemon: In a glass of natural tempered water add the fruits and let it rest for 3 hours. The longer the fruits are in the water the more flavor it will have.
  2. Strawberry, cucumber and mint: a refreshing infusion full antioxidants and taste. This is perfect to drink in those hot afternoons. To prepare it, put the ingredients cut into small pieces for three hours in a natural tempered water. Enjoy it cold.
  3. Kiwi, strawberry and mint: a variation of the previous recipe, but this one adds all benefits kiwi has.
  4. Cucumber, lemon and mint: one of my favorite ones, full of freshness and with a flavor of nature. This infusion is completely refreshing.
  5. Grapefruit, orange and rosemary: If you are into citrus, these mixed flavors will make your fruit infusion absolutely tasteful. This detox fruit water is full of Vitamin C.


Fruits for your brain



Someone once told me that plants (leaves), vegetables and fruits have a resemblance with a part of the body or an organ, and that they have a positive impact on them. Which made me think in nuts and their resemblance to our brain which are known to be good for the brain as well. What a wise and perfect Nature! This theory started to take relevance!

If you are interested in feeding your brain to avoid Parkinson, Alzheimer and other diseases Start eating this:

  • Blueberry: One of the good aspects of this fruit is its antioxidant action that prevents brain degenerative disorders.
  • Nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, peanut, chestnuts, walnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds and pumpkin, plums, date, dried figs, raisins, etc. are rich in phosphates, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B and E,  and they correct the of oxygen and blood stream to the brain and the rest of the organs.
  • Avocado: It has high levels of antioxidants, in addition it contains the – so valued- omega 3 which prevents the early wastage of the brain.
  • Apple: An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Right? One or two apples can improve your memory and provides brain health. Actually some scientists have proved that apple juice causes the very same effect as a well-known drug against Alzheimer's.

Broccoli: Though it is not a fruit it is a memory booster and helps out with brain health. Now that I think it through… Broccoli is amazingly similar to our brain!


Advantages and disadvantages of organic foods

organic products


Every day we read more of the so-called organic foods and the need to include them in daily diet grows.

The reason? Such products, fruits and vegetables generally do not possess any chemical treatment during their growth full of vitamins and free of harmful agents.

Before including organic food in your diet, I invite you to know the advantages and disadvantages.

 Advantages and disadvantages of organic foods

Advantages and disadvantages of organic foods



How to wash your fruits and vegetables properly



To have a balanced diet you should include fruits and vegetables, to also enjoy excellent health. This type of food has many properties and nutrients that benefit our bodies, improve our defenses and we care for many diseases.

It's no secret for anybody that food in the markets are prone to many polluting factors that may be harmful to our bodies, not just in the dirty around us, but in the cultivation process, where often the food is sprayed with pesticides chemicals. Note: This is why I prefer organic food free of chemicals.

Anyways, Who would want to buy healthy food for ruining our health? This is why it is vital to properly wash fruits and vegetables to preserve its beneficial properties and protecting our health.

Some observations:

  1. It is important to wash fruits and vegetables, and tools that you will use to manipulate them.
  2. You should also wash your hands with soap and water
  3. The best way to wash fruits and vegetables is with distilled water. Avoid any type of chemical. Water should be at room temperature, or cold such case.

Ways to properly wash fruits and vegetables

1. With water and vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent natural disinfectant, eliminate all types of bacteria with antimicrobial property. It is economical and is almost always at home, is excellent health and does not contain any toxic component.

How to do it: Dilute one cup of white vinegar to 3 cups of water. The best way to wash your fruits would be spraying spray this solution to kill bacteria.



2. Baking soda

It is inexpensive and easy to find in every country. It is an excellent cleanser and natural disinfectant.

How to do it: Dilute a tablespoon of baking soda in a quart of water, put the vegetables and / or fruit to soak for 10 minutes and ready.



3. Lemon

The natural antibacterial and disinfectant par excellence, due to citric acid. This food, combined with either vinegar or baking soda, it becomes a natural cleanser to remove any pathogen and contaminant in your fruits and vegetables.

How to do it: Mix well equal parts water, lemon and vinegar. Places to soak fruits and / or vegetables and leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse, dry with a clean towel ready.