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Fruits for your brain


Someone once told me that plants (leaves), vegetables and fruits have a resemblance with a part of the body or an organ, and that they have a positive impact on them. Which made me think in nuts and their resemblance to our brain which are known to be good for the brain as well. What


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Advantages and disadvantages of organic foods

organic products

Every day we read more of the so-called organic foods and the need to include them in daily diet grows. The reason? Such products, fruits and vegetables generally do not possess any chemical treatment during their growth full of vitamins and free of harmful agents. Before including organic food in your diet, I invite you


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How to wash your fruits and vegetables properly


To have a balanced diet you should include fruits and vegetables, to also enjoy excellent health. This type of food has many properties and nutrients that benefit our bodies, improve our defenses and we care for many diseases. It’s no secret for anybody that food in the markets are prone to many polluting factors that


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8 essential foods in your vegan pantry


Shopping for food can be a playground for some, and misery for others. Being in the supermarket opens the mind of all we want to buy, whether is it or not necessary. Has it ever happened to you that you end up buying more things than you had on the list? That’s why today I


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Refrescate el Fin de Semana con Agua de Coco

Refrescate el Fin de Semana con Agua de Coco

Durante el verano no hay nada mas refrescante que aprovechar las frutas de la temporada en una deliciosa bebida bien fria. Lo mejor de todo es que ahora en el supermercado se encuentra agua de coco 100% natural en envases de tetrapack, la cual es muy conveniente para llevar a todos lados y reemplazar el