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Increase your fertility with these 3 natural foods


  Getting pregnant is much more than just luck. There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled in order to favor fertility and increasing by this the change of getting pregnant. There are a never ending effort to become mothers. That’s why I want to share these 3 foods that will naturally increase your fertility.


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Detox your body with these 5 fruit infusions

fruit infusions

I love fruit infusions and this is no secret to anybody. Detox smoothies keep our bodies working actively, impeccably and toxin free. Enjoy these 5 fruit detox infusions: Orange, blueberries, and lemon: In a glass of natural tempered water add the fruits and let it rest for 3 hours. The longer the fruits are in


Heal, Sana, White Wednesday

Fruits for your brain


Someone once told me that plants (leaves), vegetables and fruits have a resemblance with a part of the body or an organ, and that they have a positive impact on them. Which made me think in nuts and their resemblance to our brain which are known to be good for the brain as well. What


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Advantages and disadvantages of organic foods

organic products

Every day we read more of the so-called organic foods and the need to include them in daily diet grows. The reason? Such products, fruits and vegetables generally do not possess any chemical treatment during their growth full of vitamins and free of harmful agents. Before including organic food in your diet, I invite you


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How to wash your fruits and vegetables properly


To have a balanced diet you should include fruits and vegetables, to also enjoy excellent health. This type of food has many properties and nutrients that benefit our bodies, improve our defenses and we care for many diseases. It’s no secret for anybody that food in the markets are prone to many polluting factors that