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5 Miraculous oils to have a beautiful and healthy hair


Our hair is one of the body parts we are most careless about, we dye it, put chemicals and everything on it, I feel like someday we’ll wake up hairless! 5 Miraculous oils to have a beautiful and healthy hair But don’t worry girls, today I’ll give you 5 miraculous oils that will have your


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4 Easy Steps to protect your hair from chlorine


Summer’s here! And with this season of heat and humidity comes the beach and pool season as everyone’s favorite plan. It’s a fact of life that if you like to swim, and love being on the water, you know that your whole body will benefit, but not your hair. People doing swimming as a sport


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Avoid these mistakes that cause hair loss

Avoid these mistakes that cause hairloss

Today crazy hairstyles and dyes are completely in. Curlers, large amounts of hairspray, straightening products, chemicals, and more, are causing hair loss Also read: tips to have voluminous hair naturally To have thick hair, we need some genetic and ultimately extra care with our hair. Has it ever happened to you that when you brush your


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Beer shampoo for a gorgeous hair


Our hair, due to all the products we put to it, loses its radiance, strength and elasticity little by little, leaving a dry, opaque and frizzy hair and without volume at all. There are plenty of recipes you can do at home that will make our hair to recover its sparkle, volume and hydration. What


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3 masks for a more beautiful hair


Women are always looking for a new tricks to have a more beautiful hair. Hair straighteners, humidity, heat, cold and even some shampoo deteriorate your hair, make it look dull or damaged. That’s why today I bring you a completely natural masks to look a more beautiful hair. No more keratins or harmful products. Here is the