5 Miraculous oils to have a beautiful and healthy hair



Our hair is one of the body parts we are most careless about, we dye it, put chemicals and everything on it, I feel like someday we'll wake up hairless!

5 Miraculous Oils For Your Hair

5 Miraculous oils to have a beautiful and healthy hair

But don't worry girls, today I'll give you 5 miraculous oils that will have your hair looking beautiful!

  1. Avocado oil contains vitamin A, variety of micro elements and fights with dryness of hair.
  2. Castor oil prevents dandruff, adds shine and softness to hair. Perfectly repairs damaged hair.
  3. Jojoba oil moisturizes and adds shine to hair.
  4. Olive oil helps with split ends and hair loss.
  5. Flax oil cures dry hair, damaged and dyed hair, restores hair structure.

Try them out, I'm sure you'll love how your hair looks after this.


4 Easy Steps to protect your hair from chlorine



Summer's here! And with this season of heat and humidity comes the beach and pool season as everyone's favorite plan. It's a fact of life that if you like to swim, and love being on the water, you know that your whole body will benefit, but not your hair.

People doing swimming as a sport routine know what I'm talking about. The pool is a great place to enjoy sports, and cool… But chlorine is a factor we can not ignore so easily! We love and we hate to chlorine water.

You just need a couple of days in the pool to feel your skin irritated , your nails brittle and your hair completely dry and damaged. How awful!

Although chlorine is something that disinfects body and regulates us pH levels, both chlorine and chemicals in the pool can generate discomfort in the swimmer.

Although swimming is still one of the best sports, you should consider the care of our body to keep our skin and hair as healthy and strong as possible.

4 Easy Steps to protect your hair from chlorine

Takes note of these 4 simple steps to protect your hair from chlorine

  1. Take a shower before going to swim: Let your hair absorb clean water before setting foot in the pool. This creates a natural barrier between your hair strands and water filled with chlorine.
  2. The swimming cap is your best friend: Whether we like it or not, swim caps provide a physical barrier to chlorine. Caps silicone, latex or related are an excellent choice to protect your hair from chlorinated pool.
  3. Wash your hair right out of the pool: ¡It is the first thing you should do! Leaving the pool looks straight to the changing and rinse all of your hair, you can use moisturizing shampoos to give strength back to your hair. Tightens all strands and massage your scalp.
  4. Don't skip the conditioner: choose those with aloe vera to counteract irritation, have vitamin B, they strengthen the strands and give a much healthier hair appearance. You can also use coconut oil and natural cocoa butter.

NOTE: protects your hair gently. Combing the bottom up, being slow and patient to untangle the knots. Do not dry your hair too tightly, or wrapping your hair in a towel (this may break more your hair).


Avoid these mistakes that cause hair loss

Avoid these mistakes that cause hairloss


Today crazy hairstyles and dyes are completely in. Curlers, large amounts of hairspray, straightening products, chemicals, and more, are causing hair loss

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To have thick hair, we need some genetic and ultimately extra care with our hair. Has it ever happened to you that when you brush your hair you notice large amount or hair loss? If that's your case, you may want to take a look at some mistakes you need to avoid to prevent hair loss.

1. You have too long hair

When you have fine hair long length, most likely to fall under the weight. Test haircuts medium length that can give volume and you do not jalen hair root

2. You're using the  wrong hair brushes.

To have a good hair you need to take care of him with the best tools. Plans and wire brushes don't give much stress to the hair when you work, as well as brushes with bristles or mixed fluffed round bristles. The idea is to generate tension to grip the hair volume.

3. You are using very tight hairstyles

High tails, buns, braids too tight… All this stretches your hair back to the point where a break occurs in the hair follicle of our scalp, causing hair to fall out.

4. The tools you're using to mold and smooth it, are too hot

Although you can help give volume, irons and ruleras too hot can damage your hair. The fact that a tool can rise to over 400 degrees Celsius, does not imply that you must use the highest setting. It's recommended to use a hair protector for heat.. 



Beer shampoo for a gorgeous hair


Shampoo de Cerveza para Un Cabello HermosoOur hair, due to all the products we put to it, loses its radiance, strength and elasticity little by little, leaving a dry, opaque and frizzy hair and without volume at all. There are plenty of recipes you can do at home that will make our hair to recover its sparkle, volume and hydration.

What if I tell you that you can drink your beer and put it on your hair too?! I made a special beer shampoo for myself to enhance my hair's radiance and volume.

Here are the ingredients for the beer shampoo:

1. Castile Soap: This can be Dr. Bronner's lavender soap, that's the one I like the most. If you can get it, buy the lavander one.

2. A bottle of lager beer: Pour the beer in a pot and boil it, let it cool down.

3. Add the beer to your castile soap and wash your hair focusing on the scalp, you can wash your hair daily with this shampoo.

3. Proceed to use hair conditioner with your daily rinse.



3 masks for a more beautiful hair


Women are always looking for a new tricks to have a more beautiful hair. Hair straighteners, humidity, heat, cold and even some shampoo deteriorate your hair, make it look dull or damaged.

That's why today I bring you a completely natural masks to look a more beautiful hair.
No more keratins or harmful products. Here is the natural solution. Let's do it!

3 masks for a more beautiful hair

Mask with coconut cream

Sounds and is delicious. Coconut has a white flesh that is delicious. Mash it up to get a natural cream. You can also buy it already mashed up as natural “coconut cream” in case you don't want to get your hands dirty.

  • Take the coconut cream and rub it in your hands to make it warm. This soft paste must place it in your hair.
  • Wrap in a warm towel and let stand one hour. Then wash your hair as usual and be amazed at how soft and hydrated that will be.

This mask will definitely help you have a more soft, hydrated and beautiful hair.

Egg, milk, lemon and olive oil mask

This mask moisturizes your hair fast. The egg nourishes your roots for its high content of vitamin A and vitamin B12. Just follow these small steps:

  • Beat one egg with two tablespoons of olive oil, a cup of milk and a few drops of lemon juice.Apply the solution on your scalp, and let stand 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with cold water. The result is a healthy beautiful hair!

Strawberry, coconut and honey mask

For oily hair, this mask of strawberries is perfect, as your vitamin C is essential to balance the PH of the hair.

  • Mix a handful of strawberries with a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of coconut oil. When you have a paste apply it to the hair.
  • Leave it on for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water for a more beautiful, shiny and healthy hair.

Try them all to look a more beautiful hair!