Greasy hair: recipes and recommendations

greasy hair


The worst of greasy hair is that it looks dirty, and it becomes a big problem to people who suffer from it because they want to have a beautiful bright hair; fortunately, there are ways to keep it under control.

First of all it is advisable to know the reason for the greasy hair: heritage, thin hair, environmental factors, hormones, stress, bad feeding habits; depending on the source, it is treated differently.

Either way I recommend you:

  • Do a double shampoo washing.
  • Use shampoo for greasy hair.
  • Avoid conditioners.
  • Wash your hair with a mix of a cup of vinegar and two cups of water.
  • Apply a mask made out of lemon and to egg yolks on your scalp and on your hair with a leather brush and let it rest for 20 minutes.
  • For a quick and temporal solution, use dry shampoo on your hair roots.
  • Brush your hair, specially if you have dry ends.
  • Don't let your hair touch your face, all that grease can make you prone to suffer from acne.

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The best haircuts for men according to face shape



Not all haircuts look good in all the boys! Learn what is best according to your type of face.


For a diamond-shaped face, where the cheeks are the widest part of the face, a style layered half-length hair to one side is recommended.



If your jaw is the same width as your cheekbones and your face is long, try to traditional cuts, a little longer on the sides. (Jason Momoa is a good example of this face, but I hope henever cut his hair!)



If your forehead and cheekbones are wide, but your chin is pointed, add volume to the top will lengthen your face and give you balance. If you like beards, growing some on the sides also helps.





8 amazing tips to prevent your hair from getting tangled

prevent your hair from getting tangled


If you hate the knotted hair just like me, follow these 8 amazing tips to prevent your hair from getting tangled. They are super easy and natural!

Brushing your hair constantly keeps it strong, shiny and beautiful. That is why you need to keep it knotted free, so you avoid pain when brushing, even more if you have thin hair.

Follow these 8 amazing tips to prevent your hair from getting tangled and stop worrying about knots:

  1. Wash your hair with cold water: It helps keep your hair free of knots and hair loss.
  2. Your best ally is argan oil: It keeps your hair moisturized, split ends free, shiny and it also helps avoid tangled hair. Use it twice a week.
  3. Dry your hair softly: no more spinning your hair or rubbing it against the towel… Watch how you dry it and make it gentle. To fasten your hair with a towel makes your hair weaker and likely to break.
  4. Keep it braided when going to bed: This will prevent you wake up with a lion’s mane, and will help you hair grow long faster.
  5. Have a brushing routine: Do it at least three times a day, in the morning, at noon, and at night. Start by the ends and go up step by step.
  6. Be friends with the hair conditioner: apply 3 times a week to moisturize and soften your hair. Remember you only have to apply from the half to the end.
  7. Use the right brush for your hair: You might not be the one you are using now. Try using brushes with natural bristle that improve circulation of your scalp, and help your hair from getting knotted.
  8. Cut it!: remember that you have to cut your hair every 3 months, at least to get rid of split ends. By doing this you reduce the risk of your hair getting tangled and it also revitalizes your hair.


8 peinados perfectos para los días lluviosos

Summer Hair

El verano trae consigo dos cosas que amo y que odio a mismo tiempo: un calor a veces pegostoso, radiante y potente; y una lluvia esquizofrénica e invasiva. La combinación de ambas cosas es el terror de toda mujer que sufre de frizz por culpa de la odiosa humedad. ¿Te ha pasado?

Tras estar un ratico en una zona de alta humedad, nuestro cabello parece esponjarse hasta perder su forma… ¡Es terrible! Lo peor es que es una situación que le pasa a más del 70% de las mujeres y no podemos evitarlo. Aunque existen algunos pasos y remedios naturales para reducir el frizz, hoy quiero traerte una solución más fácil y viable, sobretodo si estás corta de tiempo

Sobrevive a los tiempos de lluvia y a la humedad con un simple peinado. Dependiendo de tu gusto, y evidentemente de tu habilidad, hoy quiero dejarte 8 peinados hermosos que puedes hacer para salvar tu cabello del frizz.

Aquí te dejo 8 peinados perfectos para los días lluviosos


trenzado recogido

1) Moño con trenza

Un perfecto moño con una trenza mantendrá todo en su lugar y libre de frizz. Te verás estilizada, sin pasar calor, y tu cabello sufrirá poco los efectos de la humedad, sobretodo en la parte frontal de tu cabello.

peinado Frida

2) Como Frida Kahlo

Un peinado típico de esta increíble mujer, que puedes hacerlo fácilmente con dos trenzas, enredadas al centro posterior de tu cabeza. Lo mejor es que cuando sueltes las trenzas, te quedarán unas ondas naturales muy hermosas.


3) Una cola de caballo trenzada

Agarra tu cabello en una cola alta, y luego trénzalo. Podrías sólo doblarlo como el estilo de una cuerda, lo cual te dejará el cabello libre de frizz (y es probable que al sortarlo te queden unas ondas naturales hermosas)


4) Cola Baja

Es simple y siempre se ve bien. Amarra tu cabello en una cola baja, y ayúdate con un lazo si es necesario.

media cola

5) Media cola

Al mejor estilo de las hadas y personajes de fantasías. Este peinado mantendrá controlada la zona frontal (que siempre parece ser la más crítica) libre de frizz. ¡Además es super fácil de hacer!

6) Al estilo bailarina (moño bajo)

Mantén todo en su lugar con este moño bajo al mejor estilo de una bailarina. Esto es excelente para cualquier tipo de cabello.


7) Usa una bandana

No importa cómo, el color o su comodidad… Las bandanas siempre son una de las mejores opciones para mantener el cabello libre de frizz y en su lugar.


8) Trenza de Pescado

Si las trenzas son lo tuyo, esta trenza parisiana (conocida como trenza de pescado) te ayudará a mantener tu cabello organizado, libre de frizz y libre de calor. ¡Se ve espectacular!


Change your style and keep a healthy hair



Your hair style can be the determining factor to maintain a much healthier scalp… And no, I'm not just talking about that you should cut your hair. The solution is much simpler! And it's how you comb your hair regularly.

Ready to have a healthy hair? Keep reading…

Did you know that most women comb our hair with the same style for a long time? The hair always part by the same area, we are used to carry a certain way, and although it comfortable for us, is not healthy for our hair.

Changing  our typical style, with a single step, does more than change your look, you can make your hair grow healthier and can even stop the steady decline of the same.

How can it be possible? The answer is simple. Basically you have to change the position in which parts your hair every day.

This is because the longer the hair is in a specific way, with greater weight down, it tends to break more in the base. Especially if you use tools for constantly straightening or waving hair.

Hair weight, in one position for more days more strands fall and thus lose more hair.

Change your style and keep a healthy hair

Grab a fine-tooth comb, and put your hair to one side, or make a stripe in the middle. Modify your typical “split” and give freedom and life to hair. When you do this, you give a break to your roots and you strengthen the porosity of the scalp.

Accompany this with shampoos and natural treatments to strengthen the strands, and apply masks to prevent hair loss. It's easy and completely affordable!

So now you know, if you want to have healthy hair, practice this simple step to look beautiful and take care of your hair!