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Change your style and keep a healthy hair


Your hair style can be the determining factor to maintain a much healthier scalp… And no, I’m not just talking about that you should cut your hair. The solution is much simpler! And it’s how you comb your hair regularly. Ready to have a healthy hair? Keep reading… Did you know that most women comb


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3 Natural remedies to stop hair loss

caida de cabello

If you are suffering from hair loss, whether it’s due to lack of vitamins, for its weight or because you have it weak, you can try these natural remedies to prevent and stop hair loss once and for all. I want to point out that it is important and key to have a natural and


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Avoid these mistakes that cause hair loss

Avoid these mistakes that cause hairloss

Today crazy hairstyles and dyes are completely in. Curlers, large amounts of hairspray, straightening products, chemicals, and more, are causing hair loss Also read: tips to have voluminous hair naturally To have thick hair, we need some genetic and ultimately extra care with our hair. Has it ever happened to you that when you brush your


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Looks que dominarán el 2015 | Looks that will prevail in 2015


Me entusiasma saber que es lo que viene este año en tendencias de moda, me hace pensar en una renovación de look para afrontar un año más sintiéndome dispuesta y atrevida. En las revistas y desfiles he visto looks bastante naturales en las modelos, pero hay algunas tendencias que me han llamado la atención y


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Mascarilla de mayonesa para el cabello | Mayonnaise mask for your hair


¡Mayonesa, aceite de oliva y huevo es una receta mágica!, no estoy hablando de un aderezo para ensalada, sino de una mascarilla que le devolverá el brillo, la hidratación y la salud a tu cabello. Esta receta infalible es mucho mejor que tu acondicionador, muchas pensarán que huele feo y que es difícil de sacar,