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If you drink this before going to bed you will lose weight

before going to bed

Did you know that while you are sleeping your body is able to burn calories? Our body is 24/7 worker, including metabolism. Drink this before going to bed and lose weight while you are sleeping If you are into losing weight and speed up your metabolism naturally, you have to try this beverage that will


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Recipes for greasy hair

greasy hair

The worst of greasy hair is that it looks dirty, and it becomes a big problem to people who suffer from it because they want to have a beautiful bright hair; fortunately, there are ways to keep it under control. First of all it is advisable to know the reason for the greasy hair: heritage,


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Tips to keep your lemons from spoiling fast


Lemons are a must have. Whatever you use them for, they are absolutely helpful. With these tips you won’t make them eternal, but they will last longer. What for do you use it for? Lemonades, dressing your salads, to spicy your food, for beauty recipes or even to clean… Lemons are tasty and have multiple


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6 awesome ways to use a vegetable peeler

vegetable peeler

Don’t use it only to peel potatoes! We rarely think that utensil have more than one use. We use the coffee filter, sponges and even bags for the “regular” purposes. The vegetable peeler is no exception, but today I want to show you the different ways to take advantage of this utensil. Check out these


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How to wash your fruits and vegetables properly


To have a balanced diet you should include fruits and vegetables, to also enjoy excellent health. This type of food has many properties and nutrients that benefit our bodies, improve our defenses and we care for many diseases. It’s no secret for anybody that food in the markets are prone to many polluting factors that