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Natural antibacterial hand sanitizer recipe

hand sanitazer

  Taking care of our health is important, but this is something that gets a bit complicated sometimes, specially when you’re out on the streets all the time or doing activities that don’t give you much time to properly wash your hands with soap and water. It’s true that hand sanitizer shouldn’t replace hand washing,


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6 Natural remedies to get rid of acne


Oh my God! What’s this huge volcano right on my forehead?! Just when it seemed like something you beat and forgot about during those teenage years, well, it came back, there are many factors associated to having those horrible pimples on our skin and this is why today I want to give you some great


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5 Tips to remove odors from your car

car odor

Being green don’t just help you to save money on gas for your car but also to keep it smelling nice and fresh!   I used to use those little devices that you put in the car that makes it smell good. Let me tell you that those petit odor dispensers, like the odor sprays,


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3 Natural remedies for the flu you need to try


Having the flu is always horrible, you feel awful, especially during those first 3 crucial days where the virus is getting stronger. 3 Natural remedies for the flu you need to try Today I’ll give 3 natural remedies for the flu to finally get rid of it! Drink up. The flu can leave you dehydrated,


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Black garlic, a super food many haven’t heard of

black garlic

You could say it was accidental. The high consumption and the love for garlic within the Orientals is well-known, but like everywhere in the world, they do not like the lingering smell. Then, a researcher in Japan found a way to develop odorless garlic and among the many tests done, he put a whole head