Careful with the fish you eat



There is so much to learn about food in these modern times that is should be taught in school, because what the line that separates a good habit from a toxic one is thin. Even more if you eat fish regularly!

Many people choose fish to obtain low fat proteins and the famous omega-3, that provides protection against cardiovascular diseases.

If eaten moderately (8 ounces a week), you will get the best benefits, but we also need to take into consideration that they contain substances that may are dangerous like mercury and  polychlorinated biphenyls, both of them can cause heart diseases, arthritis, asthma, and other conditions.

Research made recently about fish hatchery like tilapia (the fifth most sold in the US), assure that its consumption doesn’t provide Omega-3 but Omega-6 because fish are fed with korn, this is not necessarily negative, but it blocks the Omega-3.

To make it clearer, the inflammatory power of tilapia is higher than the one in a hamburger or in bacon, so it could have a negative impact on people who have any heart disease, its inflammatory effect on the blood vessels can also affect the lungs, joints, skin and digestive system.


Master Cleanse Detox: syrup for your body



Other names: Maple Syrup, Arce azucarero (Spain), Canadian Maple, Sugar Maple, Miel de maple.

Maple syrup comes from the thick woods of Canada and is combined with pal honey to create this balanced source of nutrients and energy for the body. They naturally provide a wide amount of sugar of fast and slow absorption; in addition, it has minerals.

How to use as a dietary supplement:

There are several instructions, though the most know is to drink 6 or 10 cups throughout 10 days. Prepared like this:

In 1 ½ liters add:

  • 12 soup ladles of maple syrup.
  • 12 soup ladles of lemon juice.
  • 1/2 spoon of cayenne coffee in powder.

Maple syrup and Palm honey are a balanced combination of nutrients. It provides different types of sugar and minerals of low and fast absorption.

This syrup is made out of maple syrup and palm honey mixed with lemon juice, it is used for a total depuration of our body, by Stanley Burroughs.

Maple syrup C+, It is the one that contains the Vital Syrup,it comes from the woods of Canada and it is organically grown. It is mixed with palm honey, and the result is  balanced source of nutrients and energy for the body. It provides more nutrients and trace elements maple syrup A grade, which is the most commercial one.

How to use it a dietary supplement:

First, you need to drink water all day long, then you drink a laxative tea (peppermint, senna leaf, or tamarind) for digestion, if possible, get a intestinal lavage, take homeopathic medicine to drain the liver, kidneys and lungs. The process reconstitutes pollen and provides our bodies with aminoacids. On the other hand it helps us maintain the weight lost with a cure of savila that forbids us to feel hunger sensation.

The most advisable is that at least 3 days before starting this detox, meat, flour, aggressive beverages, cigarettes, etc. be eliminated and juice, fruits, and vegetables be eaten. Either way it is recommended that once the treatment be finished in ten days, start drinking juice the first day and increase step by step the intake of fruits and vegetables.


Romaine lettuce detox juice recipe



I'm sure you have these ingredients at home, and you will be surprised to learn that if you combine zanahoritas and lettuce can get more than a salad. This is a recipe for a detox juice, where the main ingredient is romaine lettuce and all its nutrients

The romaine lettuce is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, K and beta-carotene; and some minerals and nutrients within which include folic acid, boron, calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, sodium, sulfur, zinc; bioflavonoids; chlorophyll; phytochemicals; phytoestrogens; tryptophan. So, as you can see it is very complete.

Among its benefits lettuce has sedative and relaxing properties, combats headaches, respiratory problems, insomnia and heartburn. I really love this juice because it's the best to fight the acidity in the stomach.

Romaine lettuce detox juice recipe


  • 4 carrots
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 6 leaves of romaine lettuce


  • Wash the vegetables.
  • Place carrots in a blender along with the romaine lettuce.
  • Add water.
  • Drink daily on an empty stomach for a week, rest and repeat another.

Try this delicious romaine lettuce detox juice. I know you'll love it and let me know how it goes for you.