Come, Eat, Orange Friday

10 signs that indicate that you are suffering an eating disorder

eating disorder

Eating disorders are more and more often nowadays, because now people venerate physical perfection, thinness and fake ideals of beauty that are linked to have low weight. There are signs that deserve our attention, even more when they refer to our health. Nowadays fashion goes beyond just clothing, there are trendy diets than make us


Come, Eat, Orange Friday

Tomato soup to lose weight fast

lose weight fast

I can’t believe how many calories we can accumulate throughout the weekend! That is why each day I want to provide you tips so you keep your figure. Try this tomato soup to lose weight fast Do you want to lose weight fast? – And I really mean… Fast. I recommend one of the most


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Does sweating make you lose weight? Myth or reality


If you go to the gym, do constant exercise and sweat in excess, you might surely think that you are burning a high amount of calories. But is sweating actually related to the weight loss? Does sweating make you lose weight? Beyond the myth or reality, it is vital to understand that sweating is something


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Gastric bypass… Does it really work?

gastric bypass

Nowadays more and more people are getting bariatric surgeries as a way to effectively lose weight. That makes me wonder… Is the gastric bypass really the ultimate solution? Obesity is currently the disease that has most affected population worldwide. People with overweight find it difficult to adapt to healthy habits regarding food. That is why


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Fruit tea to lose weight

frutal tea

Do you remember that new year’s resolution you did months ago? Well, you are still on time to start losing weight and start living a healthier life. Today I want to share 2 fruit teas to lose weight that I know will help you reach your goal. You can do it!   Peach tea Two