Tips for your pets and fireworks



During times of celebration the sky tends to be filled with fireworks, color explosions, sparkles and more. Fun for the human being is an act of pure selfishness, for what for us is a beautiful sight in heaven for pets becomes a night of terror in the style of a world war.

The ear of animals is much more acute than humans, so if you have puppies, kittens other pets to take these considerations into account so that your pet doesn't suffer panic attacks and anxiety cause of fireworks.

  1. Keep it by your side. This is most important thing, this will make your pet feel sheltered and safe, for dogs as there is nothing better than the company of his or her friend/owner.
  2. Create a safe place. It should be a safe place from the perspective of the dog, not yours.A place where you feel comfortable with what is around you, with enough food, chew toys and electronic devices that produce known it sounds like television; This will mask the noise of fireworks.
  3. It works best when it is just beginning to feel anxious. Encourage him to participate in an activity you really enjoy to capture your attention and distract you from fear.
  4. Consult your veterinarian. But still don't medicate your dog. This sometimes is bad for their health, so try natural remedies such as valerian. But before that check with your vet to see if you can be to give your dog natural tranquilizers.
  5. Wrap him with an elastic medical gauze. Pass it through its front legs, its belly to its rear part. This will make you feel like a constant hug him calm.


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