Tips To Watch Your Weight During The Holidays



When December comes my soul rejoices, but my body is concerned. Just thinking that in January I will weigh more and I have to get myself into a rigid diet, won’t let me enjoy the holidays. So I decided to make a plan that allows me to eat delicious food without gaining weight.

I want to share with you, as it has given me satisfactory results in previous years:

1. Watch your elbow: And I mean if bending it a lot, as we popularly say when drinking alcohol. Each gram of alcohol in your drink provides about 7 calories. It doesn't provide any nutrients and caloric density can contribute to weight gain.

2. To sweat more than ever: Practice physical activity for 45 minutes daily. Yes, I said DAILY. If you want to eat delicious, you have to sweat more

3. Eat and Dance: I know that may sound a little crazy and your friends will say that something happened to you, but if you want to drink and eat at a party, get to dance. This way you will be burning calories all night and be the soul of the party.

4. Buy a tea to help maintain your weight: There are several on the market that will help you to maintain weight. If you want to buy one here's a link.

5. Do a total or fruit fasting every Monday of December: Here's how you do it: 3 Detox after a party.

Images by Ross Woodhall – I Love Images/Corbis

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