These are the top 3 2016 exercise trends



The year began setting trends, and in January and ending on time can indicate what the exercise trends are in this 2016. If running bores you, and you're tired of the routine training, you should try these exercise trends.

A balanced training program unifies cardio, strength and flexibility for a complete exercise. It's best to exercise at least 4 days a week, no excuses, as a personal commitment to make realistic goals.

These are the exercise trends that everyone is talking about:


Orange Theory Fitness

The physiological theory behind Orange theory training is known as “The excess oxygen consumption after exercise,” or EPOC. A heart rate monitor and a POD is provided, and can monitor their interval training sessions 5 of the area called the 60 Orange (Orange 60) During the 60-minute workout, multiple intervals designed to produce 12 to 20 minutes of training to 84% or more of your maximum heart rate, which translates into 4/5 areas are made. The design of training programs produce the effect “afterburning”, which is an increase in metabolic rate of 24 to 36 hours after training. By combining the incredible workout with EPOC, an average of 500 to 1,000 calories burned.

The Orange theory training produces greater muscle endurance, strength and tremendous weight loss. With energetic music you have the recipe for a workout that produces large and lasting results.

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Basically it is a kind of spinning or indoor cycling, offering those who practice “intense physical work in a fun and energizing environment.” But that's not all, as SoulCycle classes also incorporate a mental “training”, using motivational mantras that are shouted by the instructors.

Another peculiarity of this sport is that sessions are held in the light of the candles. The reason? By maintaining low light, SoulCycle creates a heart sanctuary that can come to clear the mind. Therefore, to preserve an “inspiring” environment, who attend classes must comply with some rules such as not using their cell phones, not talking to other people or maintain an attitude of respect for others during the sessions. The traditional class lasts 45 minutes, and it weights work and basic exercises are also included. His goal is to burn fat and increase strength.

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