4 Ways to cook fast

4 Ways to cook fast


Being organized can be a bit difficult for some people, especially when dealing with our time, in one way or another we're always looking for ways to make everything fast and well.

Today I give you some interesting tips to save you time in the kitchen so you can enjoy more of life!

4 Ways to cook fast

  1. Sandwich maker: You can do everything. Frying eggs is a good choice.
  2. Make pancakes in the bowl of the tomato sauce: Save the container of salsa and make your mix there, when you go to cook the dispenser is easy to use and also you are going out round.
  3. Garlic bulbs: Dip garlic bulbs in hot water and thus you will peel easily.
  4. Eggs in two minutes: Are they hard to peel? Immerse them immediately  in cold water after boiling.

So if you want to cook fast, follow the advice I give to you and see how your time will take advantage to the fullest.
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