Love Uber? Use it all the time? Ya me too!

Since it launched I’ve not only thought it was a brilliant idea, but I love using it. It’s convenient and affordable.

In June of 2017, a new app with those same benefits will be launching in the photography industry. It’s called Galaxy Photoz and it too will be convenient and affordable.

As a lifestyle blogger, there are so many times (I cannot count) when there was a certain image I had in my head that I wanted for my blog post and either I just didn’t have the time or resources, or knowledge of photography for that matter, to create it.

Need a new headshot? Yours is about 6 years old?  Definitely time for a new one! This is a perfect solution for freshening up your acting or even linkedin profile.

This is how it works

Their active site currently has  9 types of photography: maternity, newborn, cake smash (honestly never heard of this before but OMG it looks so fun, I’d seriously borrow a baby just to do this), headshots, engagements, weddings, events, model portfolios and portraits.

They have a  gorgeous portfolio images on their website, I’m anxious to use this new app.

All the photographers on the site have been tested and thoroughly vetted by the CEO Leanne Ferguson to ensure they know what they’re doing and they aren’t amateurs who picked up a camera and said “Ya, I can do this.”

Want a good deal on a top photographer? Get in early by booking online and buying products during their prelaunch on Indiegogo here []