Contraceptive pills are one of the birth control methods that prevent pregnancy from occurring. Birth control pills are oral drugs taken by women who are avoiding pregnancy, may it be for the reason of family planning or by being sexually active individuals that do not want any gestation as of the moment.

With this said, there are different types of contraceptive pills which caters the needs of an individual, and Ella, a morning-after pill is one of those birth control pills that caters those women who have an unexpected turn of events that might lead to pregnancy. Know more as we discuss this type of contraceptive below.

What is an Emergency Contraceptive?

Emergency contraception is a type of birth control pill which prevents pregnancy after sexual intercourse happened. This is why it is frequently called the morning-after pill or the day after pill. This pill can be used right away or up to five days after having sex when you had issues in your birth control plan, or you did not use any contraception while having the intercourse.

You need to know that emergency contraception does not entirely zero the possibility of your pregnancy, but it makes it much less likely to occur rather than not taking the pill. Emergency contraceptives are as not as effective as the birth control pills that are used before engaging into any sexual activities like pills or condoms, which is why you should not use emergency contraceptives as your only protection against pregnancy.

Lastly, this contraceptive pill does not protect an individual from any sexually transmitted infections like HIV, gonorrhea, or chlamydia.

What is Ella?

Ella is a type of a morning-after pill or emergency contraception that prevents pregnancy up to five days after having sexual intercourse. This medication is believed to be more effective than any other morning-after pills.

When things do not go as planned, like your birth control pill plan, then ella would be your best bet to correct the birth control mishap. Know that ella is a prescription emergency contraceptive that helps prevent gestation before it starts.

This is why you should tell your doctor immediately and take this medication as soon as possible after an unprotected sex or birth control failure. Also, Ella can be bought with an ella discount coupon and can be found on any local pharmacies.

Additional Facts on Ella

Acts as the prevention of women to avoid pregnancy after birth control failure, this medication makes the vaginal fluid thicker to help prevent the sperm from joining the egg and fertilize. This also changes the lining of the uterus which makes it possible to avoid the attachment of a fertilized egg.

Additionally, this contraceptive medication may not work well in women who are overweight such as women that have a body mass index or BMI greater than 30. Using other certain other drugs may also affect its effectivity too. These factors might all result in a pregnancy which is why it is essential to talk to your doctor about it for more details to see if this medication fits you.

Side Effects that You Should Know

Like any other drug medication prescribed to you by the doctor,  taking an oral pill like Ella will cause you side effects as well. Nausea, headache, dizziness, abdominal pain, tiredness, or painful menstrual cramps may occur. These symptoms are natural, but if the symptoms persist or worsen, then you should immediately tell your doctor.

You might have a severe allergic reaction, but this is a rare occurrence. However, if you notice any symptoms such as rashes, itching, swelling of the face, severe dizziness, and trouble breathing, then you should immediately tell your doctor so that it will not cause further health complications.

Lastly, if knowing these side effects makes you worry, then just remember that your doctor has already calculated the risk and saw that these side effects are no greater than the benefits that you will acquire from taking the pill. Moreover, this medication does not have any record of inflicting any severe side effects on people taking the drug.


Since ella is just one of the many medications that the doctor might prescribe to you that would be of benefit to you, it is still crucial that you should exercise precaution rather than fixing things up after the deed was done.

Remember that prevention is better than cure, and it applies even in birth control use, which is why if you are on a birth control plan then it is better that you should take the instructions seriously and not miss a day in taking one. Emergency contraceptives are for emergency purposes only so treat it like one.