How many times have you spent hours waiting outside the doctor for you to get checked? Sometimes a simple medical consultation becomes an ordeal when we have to make appointments with months of waiting, too public, many leaves and formats stories.

Today I want to give you 3 apps for your health care that you should download to your phone.

Many apps developers saw an opportunity to create new applications that will bring the user closer to their health through the screen.

The future is drawing a new easier to connect with doctors and specialists you need through an app manner.

It seems then to be the future of medicine you have customized instantly with real doctors but virtually queries.

Healthcare should focus outside the office, so that the patient knows not only see a doctor when complaints arise, but by doubts and questions that can save many people from illness or major ailments.

These technologies ensure that more people have better access to health care, worldwide.

Although there are certain disadvantages, and many feel they can become impersonal, this could be an excellent way to check your health with a simple click. Dermatologists, dieticians, therapy sessions, psychologist, etc etc … The options are endless!

3 Apps for your health care that you should try

1) Maven Clinic

A special app for women’s health. It has a long list of gynecologists, nurses, midwives, nutritionists, psychologists and more.

This is a perfect app for pregnant women, those who want to lose weight, those with hormonal doubts and much more.

Appointments are made through a video chat or private messaging.

2) Pager

Especially when you feel too bad, but not like you need to go to Emergencies. This app is great for “fast” in controlled emergency care.

This app changes the virtual medicine with medicine at home depending on what your condition suggests.

3) HealthTap

For those looking for an app with a more comprehensive overview of health care, this is an excellent choice. It has a large selection of doctors and specialists with which you can make appointments through video, voice and text.

There is also a huge library of reference information, which may serve in case you do not want to meet with a doctor.