Cuando las vacas comen bien… tu también

Gracias a Organic Valley por ser partner de Chicanol. Yo crecí en una casa donde la leche era parte fundamental de nuestro crecimiento y desarrollo. Me acuerdo...
casabe yuca

The casabe: benefits of a latino product

Casabe doesn’t need to be introduced.  Those who live in Venezuela know this latino product is one of the most characteristic foods in the daily diet. This thin...
fruit labels

WOW! This is what fruit labels mean

LEER EN ESPAÑOL Fruit labels are sometimes ignored by most of the people when they go to the supermarkets… There are people who think that the label is just ...
rice milk

DIY: Make your own rice milk

Rice Milk is the perfect solution for anybody who is lactose intolerant. If milk consumption causes you discomfort, you can prepare vegetable milks, which are e...
top anti-aging foods

Anti-aging foods: My top 7!

Here are my top 10 anti-aging picks you should incorporate in your diet ASAP! What we choose to eat plays a big part in how we age, and growing up gracefully d...

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