After spending hours in front of the computer, anxiety attacks us. What can I eat now? Lunch is like in hours and going home seems so far away! You don’t have to starve. The key for a good diet is eating 6 times a day, so you must have snacks to kill anxiety.

When I stay at work for hours I always try to have something healthy to eat, something I can munch around that doesn´t add that many calories. I recommend you these 7 snacks for anxiety

1)   Water: Yes, I know… It isn’t a snack per se. But you must always have water at work! Usually, what you might confuse as hunger turns out to be thirst. That is why I always have a glass of water next to me, to drink my two daily liters.

2)   Popcorn: They are crunchy and delicious at the same time! You can eat a bowl of popcorn with little salt. It will keep you replenished and has less than 100 calories.

3)   Grapes: They are perfect to kill your whim, they keep you hydrated and are low calorie. Besides, they are easy to eat (specially the green ones because they don’t have seeds).

4)   Protein Bars: The most accurate option if you don’t have much time to think about your snacks. Protein bars contain around 200 calories, tons of nutrients and 10 protein grams each portion. They are the best solution for those who are constantly busy.

5)   Yogurt: Strained yogurt if possible. You can have a bowl of yogurt with fruits or granola which contains 15gr of proteins and will keep you from hunger.

6)  Celery and carrot sticks: A vegetarian option for those who want to enjoy a healthy snack. You can have them cubed in a container and eat them while you drive.

7)   Edamame: not anybody knows the advantages of soybeans, they are a good option because they are low in calories, high in proteins and tasty! From all the nuts that you can have at work (peanut, merey, walnuts)  edamame is the least caloric, it has only 100 calories a portion, and 14 grams of protein.

Though these are low calorie food, you have to eat them with moderation (don’t ever exceed the amounts) otherwise you would be putting on some weight. Keep a exercise routine and a balanced diet, eat these snacks to ease your anxiety.