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garbanzos vitiligo

Chickpeas For Vitiligo

LEER EN ESPAÑOLChickpeas are one legume belonging to the family of Papilonáceas, they need a temperate climate to grow smoothly. Chickpeas originated in th...
alisar el cabello naturalmente

Cómo alisar el cabello naturalmente

Ya sabemos que los estilistas son unos vendedores maravillosos cuando se trata de productos que te alisan el cabello. Pero, ¿cómo alisar el cabello naturalmente...

Common Acne Myths Revealed

In the world of skin care, acne myths abound. Not everyone knows how to take care of their skin, and it’s easy to understand their confusion; skin care product ...
sugar wax

Mini-skirt approved: Sugar Wax!

Sugar Wax? Yes please! If you are someone who prefers waxing rather than shaving, you'll love this article. There are ways to remove hair from your body natural...
minimizador de poros

Make your own homemade pore minimizer

LEER EN ESPAÑOLVisible skin pores sometimes look a little unattractive and are home for black spots and pimples. If you want your skin to look healthier and...
protege tu cabello / Staudinger Franke

Protect your hair from the pool

LEE EN ESPAÑOLHave you noticed how your hair tends to suffer during summetime? No worries I know the perfect solution to protect your hair for the summer. ...
Heels without pain

Enjoy your heels without pain with these tips

Do you think heels without pain are impossible to find? Think again. Heels are part of the a womans life. We use them for work, going out, parties, some meetin...