There is a “legend” or rather a myth that the way you receive the year is the omen of how you’ll live it from beginning to end, that’s why on December 31st we dress up ourselves, we do mental and optimistic rehearsals of our goals.

Today I share with you some beauty rituals you have to do to start the year renewed and refreshed. Have a year of self-confidence! Feeling beautiful is not about vanity. Our appearance speaks a lot about our physical and mental health. Ready to start?

Get ready for the new year with these beauty rituals!

Activate your circulation

Your body will thank you and it shows in your legs. People who are active tend to have less of cellulite and varicose veins. Walk at least 30 minutes before bedtime and lie down with legs raised to stimulate the circulation.

Drink water!

I have talked about this many times, but today I want to be emphatic. To look and feel better you should drink at least two liters of water daily. This is the best time to start doing it! Your hair and skin are fed water and its elasticity depends on your state of hydration. (Read more about the benefits of drinking water hereí)

Nourish your hair with natural masks

The dryer and iron have left your hair dry and dull. Give it a treatment of a princess with a homemade ultra-moisturizing mask. Here’s the recipe for avocado mask→ Click here

Exfoliate your skin

Remove dead skin cells with homemade exfoliating cream. This will give you a glow and feel much more refreshed. Do not forget to then apply a moisturizer to leave the skin soft.

Hydrate your skin

Too much makeup can dry your facial skin. Prepare a mask to nourish and pamper your skin for the new year. Check this aromatic moisturizing mask.

Make your hands and feet look impeccable!

Is your nail enamel falling off? Never to start the year. Spend a few minutes with your hands and feet, soak your fingers in warm water, exfólialos with natural creams, apply the cream, paint your nails the color you want, and look flawless. This is essential!

Renew your makeup

Makeup has an expiration date… Whether we like it or not! Throw away all those cosmetics that have long been on your vanity, your skin will thank you. Wash your brushes, clean your sponges, and change your makeup purse.

Now, you’re more than ready to welcome the new year!