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garbanzos vitiligo

Chickpeas For Vitiligo

LEER EN ESPAÑOL Chickpeas are one legume belonging to the family of Papilonáceas, they need a temperate climate to grow smoothly. Chickpeas originated in th...
hair exfoliation

Hair Exfoliation for Spring

As spring arrives, so does the exposure to environmental pollutants. Using sprays, dry shampoos, texturizing products and UV protective sprays can dry the scalp...
face oils

Are Face Oils Good or Bad For Your Skin?

Together, we’ll go through the pros and cons of a recently trending skincare method: face oils. Hold on. We know you very well may be thinking ͞But it’s oil! ...

Cardio and weights to look like an Oscar winner

The #Oscars2018 are coming! Masterful ceremony where the best people in the film industry are rewarded. The Academy Awards are one of the most watched events i...
soft face

5 tips to have a soft face

Today I want to give you some advice I found here and there so you can take care of your face and keep it soft and beautiful. Avoid making these mistakes when t...