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Heels without pain

Enjoy your heels without pain with these tips

Do you think heels without pain are impossible to find? Think again. Heels are part of the a womans life. We use them for work, going out, parties, some meetin...
top anti-aging foods

Anti-aging foods: My top 7!

Here are my top 10 anti-aging picks you should incorporate in your diet ASAP! What we choose to eat plays a big part in how we age, and growing up gracefully d...

How to remove age spots from your face.

My friend Beatriz told me she wanted to get rid of those ugly brown spots on her face! “It can be the sun, or just aging!” That’s what I said! She looked at...
vinagre de manzana

El vinagre de manzana es multiusos

READ IN ENGLISH Algunos conocemos el vinagre de manzana como un ingrediente para aderezar nuestras ensaladas, pero éste recientemente ha ganado popularidad d...

Make up from the inside

My approach to life and beauty is about constant evolution.  Caroline Myss, a favorite teacher of mine, is known for saying “I don’t strive for perfection, I ...

Tricks To Look Thinner

What woman has never put a belt, girdle or band in life? They are uncomfortable, you sweat and get itchy. whether any brand, but as people say:  everything...